Anna Richardson

I qualified as a doctor in 2005 then trained as an anaesthetist. I gave it all up in September 2009 when I realised that spending every minute of the day knitting was lot more fun and a lot less stressful. I am now much happier working as my own boss, designing and creating quality hand knits and teaching others to become as obsessive about knitting as I am. I’ve had patterns published in Knit Now, The Knitter and Knitty as well as self-publishing.

I run a group on Ravelry for fans of OneHandKnits’ patterns: OneHandKnits

Important Information for EU customers

On January 1st, 2015, a complex set of tax changes goes into effect in the European Union. Sellers of digital products including pattern PDFs now have to pay tax to European Union member countries when a pattern buyer resides in that country.

At present the majority of OneHandKnits’ sales are to customers from outside the EU and so I have opted not to handle the collection and payment of EU VAT myself. Ravelry and Love Knitting have worked together to offer designers a solution whereby Love Knitting will calclate, collect and pay local VAT rates for EU customers without the involvement of the designer. EU customers will still be able to purchase the majority of OneHandKnits patterns via these Ravelry patterns pages. On selecting an available pattern you will be directed to LoveKnitting for final payment where you will find your local VAT in addition to the pattern price as advertised in Ravelry. Once you have complete payment you will be directed back to Ravelry where you will find your pattern in your library to download/ view as usual.

Unfortunately, at this time ebooks and sales discounts/ special offers cannot be imported to Love Knitting and so these will not be available to non-UK EU residents. Ravelry and Love Knitting are looking at a way of integrating these features too over the next 6 months and I will also look at uploading ebooks directly to Love Knitting, if demand warrants it.

UK Residents
As OneHandKits is based in the UK and currently falls below the UK tax threshold, the UK government has advised that VAT need not be charged, as previously, on digital sales to UK residents. Unless this advice changes, UK residents will continue to be able to purchase patterns directly from the designer via the Ravelry system.

For more information on the changes and how Ravelry is working to accomodate designers and customers, please read this helpful blog article:

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