Mayan Ward
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The Rainbow Poems are a serious of large - very very large and very very showy shawls.
Even though they look similar, they are knitted differently:
Mild is knitted with 5 yarns together from beginning to end, and has soften edges.
Wild is knitted with 7 yarns from beg to end, but the short rows start from the other side to make the bands more round.
Landscape is knitted upward, starting with only 1 yarn and adding. It is mainly stranded and uses stranding as a design element.

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Cat 1
Cat too,
and 2 cats, one moon and lovely blue sky.
This is a collection of Cat pictures, knitted in different techniques.
They can be knitted as tapestry or a small blanket.
More to come…

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Picture knitting is such a passion with me, that I had to start a group for it ’Picture Knit & Crochet’ , and I’m enjoying it tremendously.

These are just a few of my patterns, and I’m hoping to work on it more in the second half of this year (2016).

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I love freebies!
Hope you’ll enjoy these (but buy my patterns too :)