Sarah Core

Sarah Core

I started knitting in my first semester of college, when I saw a senior girl working on a project in front of crackling fire in an old college dorm. We were surrounded by co-eds happily clicking their needles, and there was a mystical, time-honored tradition of old about the whole thing that reminded me of the 1920s instead of the 21st century. Soon I was not only knitting, but writing my own designs and creating stitch markers out of deconstructed vintage jewelry.

In addition to Ravelry, my knitwear designs have been published in the Accord Publishing Knitting Pattern a Day Calendars. My handcrafted stitch marker designs have been featured in many magazines and blogs including Knitscene, Interweave Crochet, and the Yarn Harlot, as well as many indie yarn clubs from designers like Dragonfly Fibers to curators like Woolgirl and the Phat Fiber Sampler Box. My stitch markers can be found in my online store Exchanging Fire, where I also sell a variety of knitting and crocheting accessories, including miniskein sock yarn kits and unique vintage tools.

If you ever have questions or comments about my designs or patterns, please check out the Exchanging Fire group to discuss your latest projects and chat.

Don’t forget to visit my online shop, Exchanging Fire, for snag free stitch markers, sock miniskeins, notion cases, vintage tools, knitting patterns and more!

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