Saskia de Feijter

Hi! My name is Saskia. Under the name SAS Knits It Again, I started a blog in nov 2005 to share my knitting because the Stitch & Bitch I started didn’t really take off. My friends didn’t want to knit in public and after a few gatherings, I decided I’d look for some more fanatic knitters. I found them in the bloggosphere.

One thing led to another and now I own a LYS in Rotterdam the Netherlands. It’s called ‘Ja, Wol’, literally translated that means ‘Yes, Wool’, but in German (our neigbour country) it means something like ‘certainly!’ or ‘indeed!’.
It’s a strong name wit a wink. Life is all about yarn and humor if you ask me…

Ja, Wol is not only a yarn store but also a school for needle arts. Here you can learn how to knit & crochet and learn other techniques like Needlebinding (Nalbindning) and embroidery. We have 2 hour workshops and 14 hour courses.

We serve organic coffee and juices, thee and freshly baked cookies and on saturdays ‘Jol’s’ popular fresh scones with jam and clotted cream.
So when you drop by the Stitch & Bitch meeting or a ‘Brei-eenkomst’ (another ‘Knit-together’), you have four of the basic needs in life covered; a good hot drink, something sweet, something fuzzy and great company!

We sell:
Manos del Uruguay, Malabrigo, Artesano, BC Garn, DROPS, Lopi, and quite a lush collection of luxurious homespun and hand dyed yarns. Brittany needles, Knit Pro needles, Kinki Amibari needles. (we have a wide range in (interchangeable) needle sets)

If I have a little time left I love to design knitting patterns. I mostly design with my students in mind. Fairly quick projects that are do-able the beginner to intermediate knitter. I love it when a design has a double function or a smart sollution to a problem.

One of the most asked questions is this one:
‘Do you think I can knit this pattern?’
After a while I came up with this knitter motto:
1.Read the pattern.
2.If you understand everything; KNIT IT!
3.If you understand most; TRY IT!
4.If you understand nothing; LEARN IN KNITTING CLASSES!
Knit on!

original designs  

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from SAS Knits It Again
from SAS Knits It Again
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from SAS Knits It Again
from SAS Knits It Again
from SAS Knits It Again
from SAS Knits It Again
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from Knitty, Fall 2007