Antique Zither by Yoko Suzuki (鈴木陽子)

Antique Zither

Thread ?
Rounds 1-3 of motif A are 1 5/8" across
1.0 mm
220 yards (201 m)
7" wide and 16" long
Flag of English English

Skill level = Advanced

Pattern #14 on page 36 in Magic Crochet. Photo on page 37.

Pattern consists of 2 motifs A: 10 rows each and motifs C: 4 in all plus bruges lace ribbons, 4 in all, 2 for each motif. Pattern is shaped like 2 hearts joined together, end to end at top of each heart.

Stitches include chain stitches, slip stitches, double crochet and bruges lace stitches.

According to pattern: An antique music instrument or 2 hearts united? You decide.