Spinning project
Feel like a true handspinner now
natural white
singles = Z plied = S
Fiber used
German wool mix
100 grams
Finished yarn
34 grams, 64 meters: No.1
60 grams, 96 meters: No.2
Remaining: 0 meters, -1 grams
1 project
Hansel (Half Version) 95 grams

This wool came in locks as parcel stuffing to save the bottle of scour I purchased at Chantimamou’s wool shop.

It seems to be washed. But I am not sure. It has lanolin in it and a lot of VM and dirt. But I liked a challenge. So I bravely sorted out almost all VM (Many beetles, hay and other things) and carded it on the Ashford Wild Carder.

First I’ve been sceptical, but the result was very lovely even with a lot of dirt in my kitchen.

It spins up very well. I like the lanolin on my hands.

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June 8 2015
June 20 2015
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