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FS: Harrisville Designs 8H 10T Loom - Complete

For Sale: 36" Harrisville Designs, 8 harness 10 treadle Loom

This 36” 8 Harness 10 Treadle Harrisville Designs loom is in Pristine condition and has been professionally finished! I am the only owner -- it is 4 years old. The heddles are still SHINY!

Castle height: 42”
Floor space: Unfolded : 42” x 34”
Folded : 42” x 18”

We did one improvement. I found that the ribbon was fairly wide and interfered with my tie on front and back. I bought Texsolv cord and replaced them. MUCH better. I am including the original ribbon, and you can put it back on if you want (it will require a heavy duty staple to hold in place for each ribbon)

If you were to buy this Loom and all the accessories listed NEW it would cost around $3,605

My Price for the Loom and all its accessories is $2,800. You will find that this is everything you need to get started weaving.

This wonderful HD 36” 8 Harness, 10 Treadle FINISHED Loom comes with:

  • 800 heddles + 200 Extra heddles (ALL still sparkling and shiny)
  • 12 Dent SS Reed
  • 10 Dent SS Reed
  • 8 Dent SS Reed
  • 2 dowel style Lease Sticks
  • 8” Boat Shuttle
  • 12” Boat Shuttle
  • 24 4” wood bobbins
  • Tool Tray
  • Removable Loom Wheels and attachment hardware (see the loom bench picture)
  • Adjustable Weaving Bench -- it can tilt or not depending on your preference
  • Original paperwork/instructions and extra hardware.

Pick up in Cleveland, Ohio

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