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North Lyme
November 9 2018
November 30 2018
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North Lyme
North Lyme by Woolly Wormhead
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
The Gaynor Homestead Knit-wit
5 yards in stash
0.98 skeins = 225.4 yards (206.1 meters)
September 8, 2018


I’m kind of sad about this yarn. It’s GORGEOUS and soft, but looking at the skein, I thought it would be more varied, and more like handspun — gentle shifts between the colours as the fibres blend. Instead, the colour shifts are really abrupt, forming defined stripes, and the size of the stripes is inconsistent. The final third of the yarn is all lemon yellow/purple barber-pole, but the other colours have had shorter runs.

I find the yellow too stark a contrast with the purple and the other subtle shades, especially as it’s such a large proportion of the yarn. (I thought there might be a few rounds of yellow and then a gentle shift into other colours, with the yellow interspersed instead of all in one chunk.)

I’m seriously thinking of overdyeing the final hat in purple dye, to tone down that yellow and make the whole thing more cohesive.


Yup, overdyed it in purple, and it’s miles better. The yellows are softer, the brim is less brown, and the whole thing just feels cohesive. (Of course, dyeing also involves blocking, so the fabric also feels more cohesive in texture, too!)

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November 9 2018
November 30 2018
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by The Gaynor Homestead
100% Rambouillet
230 yards / 70 grams
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