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Dusty Blue Sea
February 6 2016
February 27 2016
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Dusty Blue Sea
Camilla Pullover by Carrie Bostick Hoge
Needles & yarn
US 10 - 6.0 mm
12 stitches and 26 rows = 4 inches
Patons North America Classic Wool Roving
190 yards in stash
5.42 skeins = 650.4 yards (594.7 meters), 542 grams
Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts in Ohio
December 26, 2013

I’m knitting this sweater on a bulky weight yarn instead of an aran weight yarn so I’m working on a modified gauge. See “Mods” for details.


  • Working with a bulky weight yarn at 12 sts per 4” instead of 14 on size 6 mm needle.

  • Consequently, I’m working the sweater on 110 sts for a 36” bust (110 sts at 3 sts/inch = 36.6”), loosely following instructions for size XS

  • As I prefer longer sweaters, I’m working the body longer than the pattern calls for, working 8 full fan pattern repeats (instead of 6 for size XS) before dividing for armholes.

  • I’m also adding some waist shaping, I’m working 4 sts decreases on rows 7&14 of my third fan pattern repeat and one more on row 7 of the 4th repeat; then working 4 sts increases on rows 7&14 of the 5th repeat and one more on the 7th row of the 6th repeat.

  • I’m working both sleeves over 36sts instead of 40 for size XS.

  • I worked the yoke decreases as described but omitted the last one, otherwise the neck would have been too tight for me.

Worked 4 full fan pattern repeats during the week-end, making good progress.

6 fan pattern repeats done, two more to go before dividing for the armholes.

The body is done!! I actually had to order more yarn for this project since what I had in stash wasn’t enough. Since it’s a commercially produced yarn, I was hoping the color would be pretty close even though it’s not the same dyelot, but I got it today and it turns out the new one is somewhat lighter than the one I started with. The body was done in the older, darker color and I’ll work both sleeves in the lighter color. Then, I’ll alternate skeins for the yoke, and hope the color difference won’t show too much in the finished sweater.

Working sleeves two-at-a-time, I’m about halfway through. 6 more inches to go and I can attach them to the body.

I finished both sleeves and joined them to the body. I’m having a little bit of a fit trying to alternate skeins, but I’ll be fine.

Finished!! :) Just have to sew the armpits and weave in the ends. I’m so excited!

Really fun yarn to work with; it is soft and cushy and supple, I will definitely use it again.

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February 6 2016
February 27 2016
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