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Paper Dolls by Kate Davies
Needle and yarn
Rowan Fine Tweed
Rowan Fine Tweed
Rowan Fine Tweed
Rowan Fine Tweed

I loved making my second Paperdolls sweater with my own pattern modifications. It was so exciting and fun to do. Kate provides a fantastic foundation to allow for some really sensational personal designs.

After several Fleur de Lis modifications and applying a little math (yuck) I came up with a design that would satisfy the original pattern. The Fleur pattern I used was a 25 stitch repeat. I had an issue with the decreases at row 40 (I have no idea why) so I decided to just decrease evenly around to bring my stitch count to 108. From there I continued on as the pattern indicates.

I duplicate stitched red into the center of some of the small patterns above and below the Fleur pattern, as I wasn’t thrilled about carrying 4 strands of color, as 3 was bad enough.

The chart I used is the photo at the bottom. The other charts were experimental.

Considering a third sweater with yet another design.

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February 10 2013
March 3 2013
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Paper Dolls
by Kate Davies
from Paper Dolls
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Fine Tweed
by Rowan
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100% Wool
98 yards / 25 grams
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  • Project created: December 5, 2012
  • Finished: March 8, 2013
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