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I don't speak Danish - ich spreche kein Daenisch

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July 2013
August 4 2013
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I don't speak Danish - ich spreche kein Daenisch
8010-1BC Tinkerbell by Heidi Glesner
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Noname industrial yarn with bourette silk, wool, acrylic
Sport (12 wpi)
4.7 skeins = 1850.4 yards (1692.0 meters), 470 grams

Deutsch im Stricktagebuch vom 5. August 2013
As I don’t speak a word of Danish, I had a nice work translating the pattern into German. How did I proceed?
First I picked one of the knitting terminologies lists ‘Danish-German’ and translated the primar knitting terms. All other explanations were typed word for word into the Google translation tool.
The word-for-word translation often made more sense than the whole sentences.
So I discovered some mistakes in the pattern which were well discribed and corrected by stickfia.

I didn’t follow the pattern from scratch. The neck seam doesn’t look nice in the pictures of the model so I started with a provisional cast-on, knitted the whole collar and continued with picking up the neck stitches, I like it seamless. From then on it was a piece of cake to follow the pattern. I didn’t make any notes but worked “on the go”.

Another change: I added 10 underarm/body stitches before knitting the body part, this gives a better fitting.

Thanks to the designer for this nice cardi! I enjoyed knitting and I’m looking forward to wearing it. Now we have temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius what’s slightly to hot.

What I enjoy very much: the sweater looks good both to lean and to ample wearers.

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July 2013
August 4 2013
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