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Keen as Mustard
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Keen as Mustard
Blackberry Cabled Cardigan by Alexandra Charlotte Dafoe
Needles & yarn
Rowan Purelife Organic Wool
10 skeins = 1370.0 yards (1252.7 meters), 500 grams

7/9 Finished the back, binding off in pattern was tough!

9/9 Couldn’t do the fronts, despite following the pattern to a tee, the cables weren’t appearing. Decided to tackle the sleeves instead, but having problems increasing into the blackberry stitches, since you need a multiple of two, I’m finding all sorts of funky numbers.

It seems there is some detail missing from this pattern. Either that, or I am WAY out of my league

20/9 Think I’ve worked out my problems. The key with the sleeves is NOT TO DO ANYTHING FUNKY WITH THE INCREASES UNTIL YOU HAVE ALL FOUR OF THEM. Then you’ve got enough to complete another round of chart A. Although the pattern says the increases are worked into the blackberry stitch pattern, I just worked them in stockingnette until I had the 4 needed, and it looks OK.

As recommended by someone else I knitted the smallest size in sleeves (the 34” elsewhere) cause although I am round I am small so I hope this will make it appear less ‘jacket-y’.

With the cable pattern on the fronts, it’s so obvious that I’m embarrased. I was working the WS rows from the left hand side of the chart across, when you actually start at the stitch the RS row finished on previously. I haven’t tackled the fronts again yet so we’ll see what else may come to light……

3/10 More problems with the right hand side, which I knitted and frogged so many times the yarn is looking tatty. I realised I was following the chart as for the left hand side, when it has to be read from left to right rather than right to left. This way the increases are worked into the WS rows rather than the RS to keep the pattern lined up. It sounds obvious, and may be to the seasoned cabler, but the pattern does expect a knitter to already know a lot of this stuff. A real challenge for me.

14/10 Spent the day on the sofa with Downton Abbey and this cardigan. Sewing up took forever.
I decided I wanted more of a ‘shrug’ look and to wear it belted. I only picked up 297 stitches around and missed out the buttonholes. I started with 60 stitches past marker for the short rows, and reduced it 4 each time, rather than the 6 specified. Total width of buttonband at thinnest part is only about 1.5”.

The FO is SO soft and warm, I love it. I’m not sure how well it will wear, it’s felty-tastic, but I’m well impressed I made it myself!

1/8 OMFG. Washed this in the machine by error and it is now stiff as a board and toddler size. it looks like it has been tumble dried for 1000 years. Beware, this yarn is felt tastic! So sad

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by Rowan
100% Wool
137 yards / 50 grams
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