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Momentous Occasion
Momentous Occasion by Patricia Kristoffersen
Hooks & yarn
1.5 mm
DMC Creative World Cébélia Cotton size 20
1 ball = 415.0 yards (379.5 meters), 50 grams

I’ve had my eye on this pattern for years. It looks like a challenge-- especially using the thinner size 20 thread-- but I’m looking forward to the “momentous occasion” of finishing it and putting it out on display.

May 30th:
Everything was going smoothly until round 11. UGH! It seems almost impossible to work the first legs of those split stitches. I’ve put it aside for a while; maybe when I come back to it, I’ll see a way to make it work…

May 31st:
Ok, figured out a way to do it, though it wasn’t easy and isn’t my neatest work. At least it’s done! There isn’t really any “trick” to it that I can explain, unfortunately… Just nudge the stitches over so you can see as well as possible, stick the hook into the specified stitch, and kind of lever it/poke it up so it pokes up and out on the front again. (Clear as mud, right?)

Finished! After two or three tricky rounds earlier in the pattern, the last section of this doily wasn’t really that difficult, for lace. So if you can get through those tough rounds, you’ll be fine!

I was surprised by how little thread it took. I was expecting to need two balls, but I actually had a little left over from the first. I might have misunderstood how much other people said they’d used (in size 20 thread)…

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May 28 2016
June 20 2016
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by DMC Creative World
Thread, size 20
100% Cotton
415 yards / 50 grams
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