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June 10 2012
August 17 2012
Project info
Shattered Sun Shawl Store Display
Shattered Sun Shawl by Felicia Lo
Mont Tricot
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
SweetGeorgia Yarns CashSilk Lace
1 skein
Mont Tricot in Sutton, Quebec

Jun 10-- Yay! Finally got to cast on with this scrumptious yarn! Feels like butter in my hands… delicious! The cast on for this shawl is a bit fiddly, probably because it is so small and fine, so I had to cast on 3x to get it going, but finally success!!! I have one more stockinette section and I get to start the lace panel.

Added pic, but the color does not show well in this photo… I will try to get a better pic later.

June 15-- finished last stockinette section before lace panel last night. I reduced it by 4 rows only because I’m planning to mke this just a little bit smaller. Worked the first two lace rows and only had one mistake to fix so far. Yay! (I’m a bit rusty it seems…)

June 17-- oh yes, that’s the right color! Finally a good shot!

June 21-- hmmm…well after a nasty my-counts-don’t-add-up surprise a few days ago, I finally resigned myself to rip back to the second lace row to make sure my pattern was ok. After getting there, when I picked up that purl row a few things went wonky so I tinked back to the first row of lace. So FINALLY, last night, I completed row three of the lace pattern! Yay!

I think it should get going a little faster once I can see the pattern established… This way I can SEE my mistakes easily and fix it when I come back to it on the purl rows.

Crossing fingers anyway…

July 15-- Haven’t updated in a while. Haven’t gotten much chance to knit in a while… ugh! So here’s where I’m at. I have another 3 rows to finish one complete lace pattern. The pattern calls for me to repeat the first 12 rows, but I think for the final size I’m adjusting this shawlette to, I am going to stop the lace at the end of the chart. It will be 3/4 of the length of the original shawl.

I have made many mistakes here and there, but I have caught the majority of them fairly quickly. (There is a strange “repeated row or something” mishap about halfway through the lace panel, but I don’t think it’s super detrimental so I left it. Sort of looks like the pattern is blooming or flaring out a little bit.)

July18-- I love how the increases work on this pattern. They are few, but done in bulk. It eliminates the feeling of each row getting longer and longer making it a seemingly never ending task to complete. BUT…when your stitch count doubles that last time before mind-numbing stockinette, it is a little daunting…

It will be worth it in the end, though, and there is something to be said for mindless knitting when your rows are over 300 sts!

July 23-- I’m thinking two more rows of stockinette and then I’ll start the ruffle… If it needs more length after that, I will make the ruffle longer.

August 13-- Yay! Finally dropped the last couple of stitches on each end (minus the edge stitches) to add in the selvedge edge I somehow forgot to keep knitting once I hit the lace section. I think the repair went well But won’t know how well till I finish up and block it. Crossing my fingers all will look fine!

August 17-- finished! Bind off was long, but with a wonderful edge to show for it. I think the repaired edges will look fine once blocked and the length turned out exactly as I had hoped! I made the last stockinette section considerably shorter, like the lace section, but I lengthened the ruffle by two plain rows (in the middle). I think it accentuates the flounce without adding volume.

Overall am quite pleased with the pattern and the few alterations I made. In the future I will be more mindful of my changes paired with the way the pattern handles increases since yardage was beginning to look like a major concern for me!

(If you are interested in the jewelry, the Shawl Pin and the Stitch Markers are from Everyday Peacocks)

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June 10 2012
August 17 2012
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