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Bugga! in the Clematis
Clematis by Kirsten Kapur
Needle and yarn
US 0 - 2.0 mm
US 00 - 1.75 mm
The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga!
164.8 yards, 45 grams 0.4 skeins = 164.8 yards (150.7m)
madelinetosh tosh sock
118.5 yards, 34 grams 0.3 skeins = 118.5 yards (108.4m)

This is not a difficult project as such - I just have problems with my gauge. As usual.
Knitting with needles 1,75 mm takes time, but after trying 2,5 mm, and then 2 mm and the cuffs still were too wide I had to give in. Or else this could have become another very modified project :)

The Cuff
I only made 10 repeats, thinking it would be more than enough. As it turns out, it could have been even less, like 6 or 8. I don’t like it when I have to struggle to place the cuff under the jacket, I am not sure about my dil though.

The hand
I am glad the fingers are placed a little to the middle instead of at the end. Those totally end thumbs doesn’t work very well for my hands, this is better.
As I knit so darn loose I would knit fewer repeats sidewise on the cuff and not knit those MC sts on the side of the palm next time I make these.

I wanted the starting seam, the seam where I change colours on the cuff under my hand instead of visible on the top so for the second mitten I started with the Clematis pattern and then knitted the palm pattern. It’s not that the change is very visible but I like it that way :)

Finished they weight 75 gram together. I am very happy about them.

To make these mittens in two colours closer to each other in white-greyish, a very subtle pattern. And maybe a different colour for the cuff and for hand?

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November 24 2011
November 27 2011
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by Kirsten Kapur
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tosh sock
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  • Project created: November 24, 2011
  • Updated: November 27, 2011