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Til lilleføykja
Perianth by Barbara Gregory
Grand daughter
83 cm x 83 cm
Needles & yarn
US 1½ - 2.5 mm
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
1,484 yards = 3.5 skeins
Cephalopod Yarns Skinny Bugga!
1.5 skeins = 636.0 yards (581.6 meters), 169 grams
Cephalopod Yarns Skinny Bugga!
2 skeins = 848.0 yards (775.4 meters), 226 grams

** News update **
Designer B Gregory has made the chart for the baby blanket available for free for those who buy the mitten pattern, Perianth, over at Twist Collective. You can get it by sending an e-mail.

The pattern for the blanket is just like I have written here, or any other baby blanket size of your choice. If you have questions on the blanket I might be able to help you if you ask :)
The blanket:
Skinny Bugga! (yellow - it’s a difficult colour to get right, for the time being the topmost picture gives the best colour) blanket:
CO 188 sts on needle 2,5 mm and knit rib 2 + 2 for 10 rows, change to needle 3 mm while increasing every 20 sts, ending up with 211 sts. Start to knit in the round, make a steak of 9 sts (or less if so inclined).
Knit 13 rows, knit the first chart of circles, knit an additional 3 rows, and start the main chart.

I made my own chart of the mitten pattern so the flowers where spread out evenly, and I added some small charts here and there between the large flowers.
I repeated it 3 times, then mirrored what I had done at the start.

Before I steed I picked up sts along the steek, first on one, then the other side, and only picking up 2/3. Knitted rib 2+2 for 10 rows, ordinary but loose CO.
Washed the blanket. Sew the steek with a sewing machine, cut in the middle of the steek. Then I folded it and sew it nicely on the backside of the blanket. I wished I had knitted the steek instead of purling it - note for next time.

I have yet to decide if I want to line it or not.

A small problem has aroused … I want to knit this pattern as a blanket and there are so many yarns out there I want it to be in! I started with Wollmeise, and I like the purple version. I used Magnolia for the cc on the white and the Verhext und Verratzt with the white for the main chart. Great. But I hadn't solved the charting when I stared on this, so - I did, and then I wanted to knit another one. In thsi greenish mustardish I use only two colours, both in Skinny Bugga! And I love it even more.
What to do! Knit them both?

I wont knit on the Wollmeise blanket, it was not thought through properly. I might come back to it at a later time.

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January 2012
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80% Merino, 10% Cashmere goat, 10% Nylon
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