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November 17 2011
November 22 2011
Project info
Sheep baby cardigan
sheep heid by Kate Davies
2-3 yo
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
Rauma Finullgarn
3.7 skeins = 706.7 yards (646.2 meters), 185 grams

It started out as a hat, naturally. But I have such a loose gauge that it soon turned out to be too large - even for my fat head! So instead of frogging (I’ll make another one with thinner yarn and smaller sized needles, Palette by KnitPicks maybe?) I just continued to knit on and it will be a sweater instead.
I hope Kate Davies wont be bothered by that?

The body
So, my “hatsweater” is 70 cm wide, which should make a (wide) size 2yo. I knitted the rest of the body in one colour only after the sheep chart, for totally 23 cm. And bo 10 sts under each arm before continuing to the arms.

The arms
Using Zimmermann’s persantage system I CO 34 st, knitted rib for 4 cm, and increased 10 sts and changed to a larger needle size. I'll increase under the arms to > 66 (still using Zimmermann), but if it seems too small I'll increase some more sts.
Increased 2 sts until I had 60 sts totally, bo 10 sts under the arms. 60 sts seemed more than enough.
The arms are also 23 cm long

The yoke
Body and arms are knitted together. As hoped the solution for the yoke came to me while thinking about something else. It will be a raglan yoke (those are best for children) where the pattern is the rest of Davies’ pattern, the waves (not buck nor sheep) except around the raglan where I’ll only knit plain colours. I hope it will be pleasing to the eyes.
6 rounds before starting the raglan decrease.
And I have a great idea (?) for the neck.

Knitted and decreased for raglan until I had 60 sts left, knitted rib 1+1 for another 6-8 cm.

OK, not totally happy with the end result (the balancing of the different charts), maybe the whole yoke should have been patterned? I kind of like it because I can’t recall I have seen anything like this before, but originality - I am not sure it was that I was looking for.

It’s a nice sweater but it will be better as a cardigan. Am picking up 107 sts on either side of the steek for ribbed button bands along the steek. Making 7 holes for buttons.

The steek
Will cut it.

Finished, button time, found the perfect 7 :)

It weights 180 gram, and is closer to a 2yo size than 3.
When the model have time to model it I’ll be back with a picture.

About the colours: We don’t have much light around here nowadays, so I needed some extra light - which made the green colour more yellow in some pictures. It is green, not yellow.

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November 17 2011
November 22 2011
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