Corner to Corner Throw #8
June 13, 2016
June 20, 2016

Corner to Corner Throw #8

Project info
Corner-to-Corner Throw by Catherine J. Watson
Hooks & yarn
6.0 mm (J)
Bucilla Horizon
DK (11 wpi)
15.6 skeins = 873 grams

Finished size: 48” x 48”.

6 days to crochet (because I hurt my wrist and couldn’t do as much as I normally do).

111 rows + 6 border rows.

This yarn is very old. I found it in my “craft” closet and thought it would make a nice afghan. It’s got a tweedy look to it so I wanted to make a pattern that didn’t have a lot of detail that would be lost with this yarn. I figured a C2C would be perfect. Each skein is 2 oz, but there’s no yardage listed so I don’t even know what weight it is. Seems like light worsted or DK maybe. All the labels say “Color 3, Lot 7263” yet when I took my progress photo, you could see a distinct change in the shading. I didn’t notice it while I was crocheting, but I think it’s actually ok, kind of “stripey.”


6/13/16: R1-39

6/14/16: R40-60; start decrease on R57

6/15/16: R61-67 (hurt my wrist, so limited crochet time)

6/16/16: R68-111

6/17/26: Border R1-4 (took this border from“Spring into Summer Blanket” but did last row sc instead of hdc)

6/20/16: Border R5-6

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June 13, 2016
June 20, 2016
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  • Project created: June 16, 2016
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