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Persuasion Scarf
September 3 2011
September 5 2011
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Persuasion Scarf
Persuasion Scarf by Kirsti Johanson
10.5" x 34" (unblocked), 11.5" x 47.5" (blocked)
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Rainbow Bright Handspun
none left in stash
1.31 skeins = 275.1 yards (251.6 meters), 148 grams
Mad Color's Rainbow Bright
Mad Color Fiber Arts
September 2010

As soon as I saw this pattern in the new Spin-Off Magazine (Fall 2011), I knew I had to make this scarf. I loved the look of it!

The only issue I had was that I was impatient to begin the project (taking time out from ANOTHER shawl I was finishing), so I used a thicker yarn than it called for. So, the scarf is less drapey, but still very warm and lovely.

I didn’t have enough yardage, either, so split the amount I had in half and made both sides separately before kitchener stitching them together. I knit 4 full repeats + 2 rows on one side and 5 full repeats on the other side.

I was excited to see how my handspun knit up and was somewhat happy with the finished scarf. I wish I had less barber-pole effect and more of the self-striping, but I wasn’t using navajo plying (just plain ol’ 2 ply), so I thought this was pretty good, considering.

Loved this fiber from Mad Color Fiber Arts and love this colorway. Thinking about spinning up more fiber to make another lace Persuasion Scarf! :D

NOTE: The two pics of the scarf on the white chair are of the scarf UNBLOCKED. More pics to come after blocking is complete.

Also, you can’t tell how pretty the colors are from these pics. The purples and blues seem to be the same color, but (in person) they’re very distinct and super nice.

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September 3 2011
September 5 2011
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