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March 14 2013
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Princess Twinset Jumper
Princess Twinset Jumper by Susan Crawford
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
Susan Crawford Excelana 4 ply Wool
none left in stash
7 skeins = 1260.0 yards (1152.1 meters), 350 grams

3/14 cast on! 20 rows of ribbing before starting the body.

Notes before starting: k-line recommends 4” negative ease in the bust.
I picked the size 32 though for a finished bust of 33, as I liked how 2bev’s finished sweater looks and it’s not too tight through the body.

3/21 finished first ball of yarn on row 92.

Knit way past when I was supposed to, ripped back to row 94. I had 122 sts instead of the 120 I was supposed to but the measurement across the chest was correct. So, kept going with 122!

Started armhole decreases - placed a marker in the middle of my work so it would be easier to measure how far since the start of armhole decreases. (This worked well, will do this again.)

To make my cross-back measure the same, I decreased to 90 sts like the pattern except that it took me 14 rows instead of 12, one more set of decrease-row-plus-purling-back.

3/27 started back opening. Knitting purls as eastern purls for better tension and slipping purl wise with yarn inback - doesn’t specify but I am guessing yarn in back.
Nope, it’s yarn in front - have to rip 9 rows and redo them. Ah well! Now I know for next time.

Re-did back neck opening with yarn in front for slipped stitches - looks better. That must be the correct way to do it.

For shoulder shaping this is what I did:
“Cast off 12 sts at beg of next and foll alt row.”
Cast off 12, knit to the end of the row, turn it around to purl, purl to the beginning, start another knit row by casting off 12 again, knit to the end and stop.
Wasn’t completely clear on how to do that, but I think I interpreted it right! Shoulder stitches get bound off, neck stitches go on the holder.
Finished back! Still had some of the second ball of yarn left.

3/30 started front! Started a new ball of yarn (the 3rd) for the front.

4/4 Finally at the armhole decreases on the front! Finished 3rd ball of yarn and started new ball of yarn at row 93 but am using the half-ball (#2) because I didn’t have a fresh one with me. It probably won’t make it through the entire front but oh well! (Locked my apt keys in the office so had plenty of time to wait, thank goodness I had my knitting with me!)

Really enjoying this yarn. It’s soft without feeling wimpy, feels durable and strong, and has a slightly fuzzy appearance like a sweater-girl sweater. Love it!

Definitely want to make the matching sweater but think I need to knit in a different colour first, just for some variety :)

4/5 got to the pattern part of the front! Excited to knit something other than stockinette.

Confused by the front directions.. I am supposed to start shaping the front neck at 28 rows less than the back, but I have reached that point and it looks different than the model garment. Do I ignore that fact? Do I keep going until my pattern looks like the model and then start shaping?

Decided to move on to sleeves while puzzling out the front. Knitting them from balls 4 and 5, two at a time on the same circular needle, so they’re done at the same time.

4/22 finished sleeves, finished front! For the front I just went with it as it was, even though mine looks different from the model’s sweater. Perhaps mine is a different size. I wet-blocked all of the pieces because my knitting looks a little uneven in spots and I pinned them to foam mats to help un-roll the edges.
Yarn note: this yarn smells great when it’s wet! Or I’m just weird. :)

4/23 sewed up shoulders. Tried it on and it seems a little big, but it’s hard to tell until the sides are sewn.

4/27 seamed sides and sleeve sides. Ok, this sweater looks strange until it’s sewn, then it looks way better! It looked too long and too tapered, like the super narrow waist was going to fall at the top of my hips, but once it’s seamed it completely changes shape (on the body) and its super cute.

4/28 seamed sleeves into the body, and sewed down the edge of the placket. It’s such a great little sweater! Just need to work in the loose ends, and pick out buttons.

5/4 So, this sweater is so cute but when I wear it, it’s sort of bumpy under the arms. Like, if I had a big chest it would be better? Or if I pull it down to stretch out the bumps? I wonder if it needs to be blocked one last time as a full garment, and if that would help the bumpiness.

(I did get buttons though and they are adorable little pearl buttons. Got enough for the cardigan in case it takes me a while to get to it and the buttons sell out.)

4/25/14 going to frog this - I never finished it,and I know I can do better with the fit now that I have learned more.

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March 14 2013
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by Susan Crawford
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174 yards / 50 grams
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