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Lots of 7's
lucky no 7 by Jenny F
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm
1,173 yards
4 skeins = 736.0 yards (673.0 meters), 200 grams
The Wool Bin in Oakville, Ontario
1 skein = 437.0 yards (399.6 meters), 100 grams
The Wool Bin in Oakville, Ontario

I used the provisional cast on for the first time =0)
I used 3 3/4 of the (they call it white)but i think its off white and almost 1 skein of the black one
This is the Sublime baby cashmere merino silk 4 ply for the white one and the cascade Heritage silk for the black one
I was worried that the yarn was going to bleed and NOT AT ALL =0)
I used two US 3 circular needles.(16’)
One I used to knit and the other one i used it at the end for the provisional cast on stitches
I think it looks really good, oh I knitted more rows cause this yarn is pretty thin. My daughter wanted a summer scarf to use it in the office that apparently is very cold in the summer
Its very entertaining and its good for a long trip
I would like to knit it in black and white or white and black like this one but i would like to add one red stripe

  • Now two days later I couldn’t wait, and Im making the black and white. So the main colour is black. I used for the waste yarn a grey kind of silvery, but dark, and I realized that this combination is also nice =0) But no, stick to the program. For the second row, I have to pay attention cause Its really hard to figure out where I was. Cause knitting with this black its like knitting blind. Im sure it will be better in the following rows when the work gets longer =0) This one is going to take me longer cause I have another project going on at the same time
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March 4 2013
March 15 2013
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