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Sock Like It’s 1999
April 26 2018
May 15 2018
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Sock Like It’s 1999
Knit Like It's 1999 by Tricot & Stitch
64 sts
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
Melting Pot Fibers Hand Painted Sock Blank
115 yards in stash
0.72 skeins = 323.6 yards (295.9 meters), 87 grams
April 6, 2018

I’ve wanted to knit socks from a sock blank for ages, but haven’t found a blank that inspired me. Until the most recent DFWFiberFest. Now on to the knitting!

Also going to work this pattern toe up. Hopefully the charts will make it easy. First toe, then chart 3, chart 2, ribbing, heel, 5 rnds ribbing, chart 1, ribbing.

(ETA: over halfway through the first sock and I JUST NOW clued into the chart colors designating sizes. So though I was knitting 64sts, I’m apparently following the XL for number of rows. Oops.)

Half and half toe: 20/40/64 (last rnd is plain knit rnd)
Based on previous socks, I’m going to ballpark about 60 rounds for the foot. Chart 2 takes 34 rnds so I’ll go for about 20 rnds of chart 3.
4 rnds of chart 3 repeated 5 times.
Chart 2 (all rnds)
Marked rnd 34 of chart 2 so I can count the ribbing to the heel. If marked row = 0, started heel on second half of 5th rnd.
Short row heel over 36 sts, 12/12/12 (fewer than my new normal since these socks are working up a tad loose, likely due to the slightly thicker yarn).
Marked first rnd after heel. Marked row = 1, 8 half-rnds of ribbing (to get height at the back of the heel), then 7 full rnds.
Shifted markers over 1st to the left to make things match the chart, then knit Chart 1
Marked first round of full rnd of ribbing (=1). 19 rnds of ribbing.
Interlock bind off which was new to me and had a bit of a learning curve. Must remember:
If first st is a knit st: go through first 2 sts as if to knit.
If first st is a purl st: go through first 2 sts as if to purl.
Pulling from a sock blank makes a sewn bind off…. interesting.

Changed RT and LT a bit because I don’t love using cable needles.
Right Twist: k 2nd st on leftover needle, k the first stitch, remove both stitches.
Left Twist: Kbl of the second stitch on your left needle without dropping it from the needle. Bring your right needle to the front and knit the first stitch. Drop both stitches off the left needle.

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April 26 2018
May 15 2018
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