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July 27 2012
August 4 2012
Project info
Pop-Art Leftovers
Hooks & yarn
6.0 mm (J)

I decided to make something completely original for my TeamStashdown2012 Project since I didn’t think I had enough of the yarn I wanted to use to make another Ultra Easy Vest.

So, I made a graph pattern that I will be tunisian crocheting with my size J cabled afghan hook.

I’m going to use a big bag of yarn left-overs from previous projects. I’m thinking I will need at least nine colors. So I’m going to go through and pick yarns that I have enough of for each letter. The more neon-looking colors the better!

This may turn out to be a scarf. But if it’s too big, it’ll have to be something else. edit: I did a swatch to check the size for a scarf and it would be too wide. So now I’m thinking I could still do an ultra easy vest with it as the bottom body part of the vest. It would be pretty cool if it works. Plus, tunisian crocheting might be faster than the half double crochet as called for in that pattern.

Anyway, I took some photos. My camera is acting all huffy and won’t co-operate with me in focusing. or when I could focus the flash wouldn’t work. So sorry about the quality of the pics.

There’s Red Heart Supersaver in pink and blue. Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn in white, yellow and aqua. Mystery yarn, (no labels left) in black, orange, burgandy. I have lots of bits of greens and purples. I’m just not sure if I have enought to make a whole letter out of them. Would I be happy if the letter has different shades of colors? I’m not sure.

I’ve also added a photo of a heart pattern chart from Nexstitch for the back of a vest, (if I have time to put it on).

Also, I have bright multi-colored yarns in that last shot from Red Heart, Simply Soft, and unlabeled ones for the top of the vest as well. Hopefully, I will have time to do that. I know the Olympics are about two weeks, right?

Mainly I will focus on making the graph Pop-Art picture
first. That’s the goal.

Well, I’ve started my project. I began with a flower that I got from a sweater graph (see new photo), turned it sideways, and crocheted it.

I had a marathon of crocheting since the opening ceremonies and my right hand cramped up a lot overnight. I have to pace myself or my right hand will not let me be able to finish!

I took a photo of my progress so far. My camera still isn’t showing the true colors. I think it’s the whitening button. I’ll have to change that and hopefully the next photos will be good.

July 29th: Today I got the yarn ends woven in the back up to where I am at. Took another photo. Now the lighting is correct but the focus is off. Arrrg!

July 30th. I’ve finished the pop graph and I’m worried it will be too long for a vest but I’m still going to try making it. I still need to weave in the loose ends from last night’s crocheting. I’m a size 2XL so maybe it won’t look that humongus.

My camera still is not focusing correctly. Why do they have to be so complicated?

July 31: I added a rainbow waistline to decrease the length of the pop-art part. It’s half-double crocheted decreasing every 10th stitch (a total of 15 stitches a row), then an extra row of all half-double crochet with each color. Hope I haven’t decreased too much!

Then I did the left side of vest, (it’s turning more into a longer jacket now), and started the right side. (Still need to weave in the loose ends on the right.

The color is perfect now on the camera but I don’t understand why the auto-focus isn’t working. (It’s hard to tell if it’s in focus when I’m outside in the blinding sun.)

August 1st: Oh, my it’s August already!

Last night whilst watching the woman’s gymnastics and Michael Phelps swim I worked on weaving in ALL the loose ends AND doing part of the back.

Oh, and I added a smiley on the upper left front. (Nothing says 70’s to me like a good yellow smiley).
I still need to add a letter “I” above the heart so it says “I heart popart”. (I’m not sure people will figure that one out but, oh well).

Since I still have a week I’m thinking if I can attach everything and there are no major problems, maybe I can try to add some type of sleeves. (If not total sleeves, maybe Peter Pan type small thingys.

It’s difficult to imagine how this will look on me now since all I can do is hold it up because nothing is attached yet. But wait until you see it.

I do believe if I saw me in a supermarket with this on I’d probably laugh my fanny off and run the other direction, (after taking a few snaps to mock myself on You Tube or something).

August 2nd: I finally joined the top part at the neck to make a vest/jacket/dress shape. Yay!!!!

Two rows of half-double crochet Circus yarn in the arm holes. Still need to trim that with dark navy.

Bottom hem edge is front post double crochet/ back post double crochet with Tapestry yarn. Of course my blurry camera doesn’t show the detail at all. Grumble grumble.

Front is trimmed all around with 3 rows of dark navy in half double crochet. I added two button holes on the left right by the rainbow waistline near purple and yellow.

I need to look through my closet to find a couple of chunky buttons to put on there.

Oh, on the back at the top of the heart I added the “I within an eye”. It’s my inner eye. LOL! The top collar folds down and in front it creates a tiny “lapel”.

Besides finding buttons and trimming the arm holes there’s not much more to do unless I add top sort of shoulder sleeve things. Not sure about that.

Saturday August 4th: If I’ve learned nothing else from Myth Busters I have learned the most important thing:
If it’s worth doing; it’s worth OVER-doing.

And with that in mind, I show you all my finished Ravellenic eventfree project.

The Totally Retro “I Heart Pop-art” tunic made entirely from left-over stash yarns from other projects.

I edged the sleeves yesterday going around all of it in navy blue and then dark blue. (Half-double crochet stitches.)

I also added two retro 60’s patches to the back under the heart where there was lots of white space.

(The blank white area was bugging me and I had these two patches just sitting in my night stand drawer for the longest waiting for the right project).

One patch says “Hippy Chic” which is absolutely a perfect definition for this project. The other patch is a smiley which says “Keep On Smiling” which is also perfect since I can’t imagine anyone seeing this and not breaking out laughing, (or at least putting a huge smile on their face).

It is so humid outside that the lens of the camera was actually fogging up!!!!!

That being said, I did promise photos of me in this thing.

So the last two are just that. Me in my new Popart Tunic (and Rainbow Helmet Hat I made last year but haven’t worn anywhere yet.) (Yes, I finally have the perfect outfit to wear it with!).

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July 27 2012
August 4 2012
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