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Big Red
January 8 2017
February 7 2017
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Big Red
Winterfolk by Joji Locatelli
um, let me think - oh yes - ME!
jojilocat on ravelry
M, with L sleeves
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
18 stitches and 30 rows = 4 inches
in Stockinette st
1,958 yards
madelinetosh DK Twist
1413 yards in stash
0.25 skeins = 62.5 yards (57.2 meters)
madelinetosh Erin Heritage Wool Series
696 yards in stash
7.9 skeins = 1896.0 yards (1733.7 meters), 916 grams

Suggestion: - start with a WS row - row 38 of the chart, then do the RS starting on row 1 of the chart, so that the provisional cast-on is easier to pick up when doing the hood.

Started armhole shaping on row 19. End row 28.
Sleeves - picked up 2/3 and ended up with 5 extra each side. Knit 1 row, decreasing to correct number. Row 15, first decrease, then every 10th row. 97 rows stockinette then 19 rows rib.


  • add slanted pockets
  • stop body increases after 5
  • running short of yarn so smaller hem and front bands
  • added tassel

-start 12.5 inches down from armhole (too low - start higher next time)
Left Front: knit front cable pattern then 28 stitches, cast on 8 (or kfb in next 8 stitches, and put the back stitches on hold for the back, and use the front stitches for the pocket flap edge.
-k2, p4, k2 (cable edge) then regular WS back to left front edge.

  • row 3 of pocket front: pattern to 1 stitch before edge (9 stitches remaining on left needle), m1l, k1, then do cable edge (p2, k4, p2, with a cable crossover on row 5).
  • repeat increase every RS row 15 times.
  • after next WS row, leave yarn attached and start back. 32 rows of pocket flap in total. Back: with a new ball of yarn, knit around sides and back (keeping the cable pattern at the back), ending at 49 stitches from right front edge (29 for cable plus 20). Kfb in next 8 stitches. Put the 8 front stitches on hold (to become the edge for the right pocket flap) and use the 8 back stitches for the back piece.
  • turn and purl the back stitches (keeping the cable pattern)
  • row 3 back section and every RS row, decrease 1 stitch each side of the back, 1 stitch in from the edge left leaning for left front and right leaning for right front
  • knit 30 more rows (32 in total, with 15 stitches decreased each side) Right Front:
  • take right front stitches, including the 8 just made from the kfb in the back stitches, add a new ball of yarn and p2, k4, p2, then knit to end of row, following pattern.
  • WS row, ending with k2, p4, k2.
  • do cable over first 8 stitches per left side, k1, m1R, knit in pattern to end of row.
  • repeat as for left side until 32 rows knit in total, with 15 stitches increased.
  • Starting with the left side, knit in pattern until the cable, then knit the cable stitches together with the first 8 stitches for the back. Join right front the same way, knitting the cable stitches together with the last 8 stitches from the back.

Pocket Liners:

  • using thinner yarn (DK), and starting with RS facing, pick up 32 stitches from the wrong side of the front pocket flap inside the cable, pm, then pick up 32 stitches at the edge of the back. The cable edge should cover the pocket lining.
  • work 20 rounds in stockinette.
    Bottom Decreases: knit to 3 stitches before the bottom marker, k2tog, k1, sm, k1, ssk, knit to end. Knit one round. Do these 2 rounds 8 more times (23 stitches each side). Top and Bottom Decreases: k1, ssk, knit to 3 stitches before bottom marker, k2tog, k1, sm, k1, ssk, knit to 3 stitches before end of round (top marker), ssk, k1.
  • repeat this decrease at both sides every 2nd row 5 more times (11 stitches each side).
  • do 3 needle BO for remaining stitches.

Yarn Use:

  • 1 full skein for hood
  • nearly 1 full skein for each sleeve
  • pocket liners: 56 grams

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Pattern Gauge is 18 sts and 30 rows to 4 inches (10 cm) in stockinette after blocking. Row gauge is way off, but that is ok, as easy to adjust.

My stitch gauge in Erin is 17 stitches and 25 rows to 4 inches in blocked stockinette.

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January 8 2017
February 7 2017
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