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Big Chunky Cable Throw
August 20 2014
September 1 2014
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Big Chunky Cable Throw
Big Chunky Cable Knit Blanket by Theresa Boyce
My niece Alexis for Housewarming gift.
Approx 44" by 63"
Needles & yarn
US 50 - 25.0 mm
Loops & Threads Charisma
14 skeins = 1526.0 yards (1395.4 meters), 1400 grams
Michaels in North Carolina
August 20, 2014

I’m holding 3 strands of yarn together, hence the extra skeins. The extra strand is making the stitches POP even more! I’m loving the way it’s looking and the cables are much easier than you’d think. I’m not even using a cable needle…just my fingers. I’m taking the 4 stitches off with my fingers, twisting them according to pattern, then placing them back on the needle and knitting them. SO easy!

I purchased size 50 circular knitting needles and have used them on another blanket I made. However, I read somewhere that it’s best to have the longer big needles when making blankets due to the weight of the yarn which may pull your stitches when using the circulars. I know when I knitted using them it was a little aggravating trying to push the stitches up on the needles to knit them after they had been on the cord.

So, I decided to make my own. I purchased 2 1” diameter dowels that were 36” in length at Michaels. I purchased 2 little wooden “clay look” pots for the ends. My husband cut both dowels 24” long which left me with 2 12” pieces. He used his electric sander and sanded the long pieces into points on one end and sanded both ends of the 2 12” pieces. The shorter ones I’ll use as my cable needle.

He attached the little wooden pots to the ends of the 2 longer pieces with screws and “voila” my long size 50 knitting needles were born! I painted the ends and put a coat of clear glaze on to dress them up a bit. Not bad for about $6 for the set + 2 cable needles to boot. So, I saved $49.99!

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August 20 2014
September 1 2014
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