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Daffodil Dreams Afghan

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June 28 2009
September 15 2009
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Daffodil Dreams Afghan
Daffodil Dreams by Sandy Scoville
Katie and Alan
48" by 51"
Needles & yarn
US 10½ - 6.5 mm
Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn!
3 skeins = 1065.0 yards (973.8 meters), 594 grams
Hobby Lobby in North Carolina

I have a help sheet to keep track of rows for this in PDF format here.

My pattern for this is in the older 1989 booklet called All-Time Favorite Afghans. (next to last photo from the bottom on left)

This pattern is WRONG! Argh! Of course I didn’t
find this out until I tried and ripped…twice!
Instead of CO 176 as the book states you should CO 172.

When you knit that 3rd row, be sure to leave off the (place marker, K4, place marker)
once you are close to the other end.
Instead, you’ll knit that last pattern section and then place a marker and knit your border stitches.

Also where it says to Repeat Row 2,
which is a knit row, you really
Repeat Row 4 which is the purl row!

One more error on the last pattern Row 13. It should have a K4 after the PSSO to complete the 16 stitch pattern section!

I am making mine with seed stitch in place of the garter stitch sections. I CO 156 which will still give me 7 pattern sections with 6 seed stitch sections between, each with 5 stitches. I am putting 7 seed stitches on each end for the borders. I am also knitting 5 rows to begin my afghan to more closely match the border edges.

I ran out of yarn so I only did half of the last pattern section and opted for 2 rows of sc and 1 row of slip stitch to even out the ends. If I had had enough yarn to finish it still wouldn’t have been long enough.

Note to self: The 5 row seed stitch border isn’t enough rows to match the sides, so next time I need to at least double that to 10 rows. I also want to leave off one pattern repeat in the width, so that it will be longer than it is wide.


A client of mine was knitting this and when I saw hers I had to make one too. If I hadn’t seen it in person I would have never chose this pattern.
The last photo is of hers in progress.

I am knitting this as a wedding gift for my daughter’s room mate and friend Katie Root.

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June 28 2009
September 15 2009
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100% Acrylic
355 yards / 199 grams
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