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A Rectangly Hat for Justin
September 24 2010
September 30 2010
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A Rectangly Hat for Justin
Rectangly Hat by Catherine Hughes - SpinstarCreations
Justin - my son
Needles & yarn
446 yards = 2 skeins
Patons North America Classic Wool Merino
1 skein = 223.0 yards (203.9 meters), 100 grams
Michaels in North Carolina
September 2008
Patons North America Classic Wool Merino
1 skein = 223.0 yards (203.9 meters), 100 grams
Michaels in North Carolina

Hubby modeling hat…my son first 3 photos!

9-30-2010 … Done! I haven’t blocked it and it may look better once it’s blocked, but I was anxious to get photos up. I’m going to try it on hubby’s head tonight.

My decreases were sloppy and I didn’t notice that I wasn’t tugging my stitches between dpn’s until far into the decreases and I had these awful ladders. So, I took a crochet hook and made an extra row of knit stitches to firm that up and then just knit that stitch together with the one already on the needle. I had to go down 7 rows! Yikes!

So, for that reason the crown isn’t as perfect as I’d like it to be. Hoping blocking may help somewhat. Next time I’ll use the magic loop method and NOT DPN’s! Argh!

9-29-10 … Getting ready to start the decrease section! I may just finish this hat today. Decreases are explained very clearly and I don’t foresee any problem with them.
UPDATE: I didn’t quite make it today, will have to complete the hat tomorrow.

9-28-10 … I didn’t get to knit on this at all yesterday, but started again today. I plan to keep knitting on it today. Maybe I can knit to the first decrease row by tomorrow!

9-25-10 … Just a note: First the pattern is wonderful and the graph is the easiest to follow that I’ve ever used.

Plus I am finding so many ways that my IPad is useful. I bring up the chart on it and make it large so it’s easier to see. I taped on some highlight tape and made a straight line in pen which helps me to see where I’m at. I click off my rows with a row counter. This is so much easier than using my chart holder with magnets that I bought from Knit Picks. :)

9-24-10 … I am very new to double knitting and am taking on this project anyway. I’m trying to be brave. LOL We’ll see how it goes.

Ok, going good thus far! I didn’t want the line on mine so I changed up the CO and first few rows + I’m adding a few plain rows before starting the chart just to give the hat a bit more length to cover the ears. Hope this works out and I’ve added enough.

Here’s how I started….
CO 88 stitches with both colors at the same time. I used FallingBlox way of doing this. I then just knit one row plain.

Next I increased every stitch. On the knit stitches I knit front and back and on the purl stitches I purled front and back. This gave me the required 176 stitches. At this point I had 2 knit stitches beside of each other and 2 purl stitches beside of each other.

On the next row I started my plain double knit pattern by knitting 1 in red and then purling 1 in tan, alternating until the end of my row. Then I just knit some rows plain before starting the chart. (for the extra ear length)

Oh and for the record…I knit English and didn’t find double knitting the least bit fiddly!!! Cat of “Lets Knit2gether had an episode on double knitting and said that if you knit English style it may be a bit fiddly to do? Well, all you thrower’s don’t be intimidated by double knitting, believe me… you’ll find you’re groove!

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September 24 2010
September 30 2010
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by Patons North America
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