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Abbreviations - Hand Knitting
November 30 2010
November 30 2010
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Abbreviations - Hand Knitting
Chunky Scarves by Esther Kate
Needles & yarn

Hand Knitting Abbreviations

alternate row = AR; ar
as though to knit; knitwise = K-wise
as though to purl, purlwise = P-wise
back cross = BC
bind off = BO; bo
cable = C; c
cable needle = CN; cn
cable two to the left = C2L
cable two to the right = C2R
cast off; casting off = CO; co
cast on; casting on = CO; co
centre double decrease = cdd
circular needle = circ ndl
cross two stitches to the left = cross 2 L; C2L
cross two stitches to the right = cross 2 R; C2R
cross two purl left = C2PL
cross two purl right = C2PR
double-pointed needle; double-pointed needles = DPN; dpn
end of the needle = EON
end of the row = EOR
every alternate row = EAR; ear
every other needle = EON
every other row = EOR
every third row; every 3rd row = 3/R; 3R
Fair isle = FI
four rows = 4R; 4 rows
four stitches = 4S; 4 sts
front cross = FC
front loop = fl
fully fashioned = FF; Ff: ff
garter stitch = G-st;
garter stitch two rows = 2R
hold cable in back; back cross = CB; cb; BC; bc
hold cable in front, front cross = CF; cf; FC; fc
holding position = HP; hp
jacquard = FI
Kitchener stitch; graft; grafting = graft
knit = K; k
knit 16 rows = K 16 rows
knit 16 stitches = K 16 sts.
knit all rows = K all rows.;
knit into back of stitch = kbs; kbl; ktbl; kb
knit into front and back of stitch = k1 f&b; KFB; kfb
knit into front of stitch = kfs; kfl
knit one = K1; k1
knit one below = k1b
knit one row = k 1 row
knit one, purl one = k1, p1
knit one, slip one, pass slip stitch over = k1, sl1, psso
knit row = K; k
knit three together = k3tog
knit three together through back of loops = k3tog tbl
knit through back of loop = tbl or k-b
knit through front of loop = tfl or k-f
knit two together = k2tog; K 2 tog
knit two together = K2tog; k2tog
knit two together, yarn over = K2tog, yo
knit two, purl two = k2, p2
knit two, purl two rib = 2 x 2 rib; k2, p2 rib
knit up; pick up and knit = knit up
knitting = K; k
knitting needle = Ndl; ndl
knitting stitches = sts
knitting; knit; to knit = K; k
knitting; the knitting = K; k
knit the left loop = kll
knit the right loop = krl
knitwise, as though to knit = K-wise; kwise
left cross - LC
left hand needle = LH Ndl
left twist = LTW; LTw; ltw
make bobble = MB; mb
make one = M1
make one away = M1A
make one back = M1B
make one front = M1F
make one left = M1L
make one right = M1R
make one towards = M1T
make two = M2
needle; needles = nld; ndls; NDL; NDLS
on remaining 22 stitches = on rem 22 sts.
on remaining; on the remaining = on rem.
on the right = R; r
one slip stitch = 1
opposite = OPP; opp
opposite side = opp side
pass next stitch over = PNSO; pnso
pass over = po
pass slip stitch over = PSSO; psso
pass slip stitch over knit two together = sl 1, k2 tog, psso
pass two slip stitches over = p2sso
pick up stitches = pu
picot = p
plain knitting = G-st;
place marker = PM
pop = popcorn stitch
purl into front and back of stitch = p1 f&b
purl one below = p1b
purl three together = p3tog
purl through the back of loops = p tbl; p1 tbl; p1b
purl through the front of loops = p tfl; p1 tfl; plf
purl two together = p2tog
purl two together through back of loops = p2togb
purl; purl stitch = P; p
purlwise; as though to purl = p-wise; pwise
repeat these rows in reverse = rev
repeat; repeats; repeating = REP; rep
reverse stockinette stitch = rev
reverse stocking stitch = rev
right cross = RC
right hand needle; right needle = RH ndl
right twist = RT; rt; rtw
round; rounds = rnd; rnds
seed stitch =
sew the two parts together neatly = sew 2 parts tog
sew together = sew tog.
slip one knitwise = sl 1 kw
slip one purlwise = sl 1 pw
slip one stitch = sl 1
slip one, knit one, pass slip stitch over = sl 1, k1, psso; skpo; skp
slip one, knit two together, pass slip stitch over = sl 1, k2tog, psso; sk2p
slip one, slip one, knit the two together = ssk
slip one, slip one, purl the two together = ssp
slip stitch = sl st.
slip stitches = sl sts.
slip, slip, knit = SSK
slip, slip, purl = SSP
slip, slip, slip, knit = SSSK
stitch holder = SH; sh
stitches on needle = sts on ndle
stitches or rows worked = 0. 1. 2
stockinette stitch =; K on RS, p on WS.
stocking stitch =; K on RS, p on WS.
strand = strd
take in = dec
thirty stitches = 30 sts.
three rows = 3R; 3 rows
three stitches = 3S; 3 sts
three times in all = 3T; 3 x
through back of loop = tbl
through front of loop = tfl
twist = tw
twisted stitch =
twist two to the left = T2L
twist two to the right = T2R
with yarn in back = wyib
with yarn in front = wyif
wool over needle = wol
wool round needle = wrn
yarn behind = yb
yarn forward = yf; yfwd
yarn forward and over needle = yfon
yarn forward and round needle = yfrn
yarn on needle = yon
yarn over needle twice = yo twice; yo2
yarn over needle; yarn over = yon
yarn round needle = yrn
yarn round needle twice = yrn2
yarn to back of work; with yarn in back = yb; wyib
yarn to front of work; with yarn in front = yf; wyif

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November 30 2010
November 30 2010
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