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How to - Prym Knitting Dolly Maxi
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How to - Prym Knitting Dolly Maxi

I have a Prym knitting dolly maxi for making cords. This extra large knitting dolly is ideal for making wider widths of knitted cord. It is an eight prong acrylic dolly complete with yarn hook and illustrated instructions inside the packaging label. Made from transparent acrylic and comes with pin. It is a lovely craft toy for children to get creative! Size: 100 mm by 40 mm (10 cm by 4 cm). Suitable for ages 3+.

French or bobbin knitting is the techniques of producing a knitted tube or cord, using a small frame which is sometimes called a “knitting Nancy”. The Prym knitting dolly maxi is a knitting nancy.

Starting with a loop over each nail peg, the yarn is wound right around the outside of the nail pegs. The yarn loops are then hooked over the nail pegs and the strand of yarn, with the aid of the dolly tool, thus forming stitches as in normal knitting. The cord is then pulled down through the hole in the bobbin and the yarn wound round the nail pegs again to form another row of stitches.

The size of the cord can be varied according to what weight of yarn you use, the frame you have and how many nail pegs it will accommodate. Cord knitting can be used for piping, belts, tie fastenings and for threading through eyelets. It can even by used as yarn worked on very large needles

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