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February 14 2016
March 27 2016
Project info
Alpine Meadows
Alpine Meadows by Kushchovenko Oksana
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
US 3 - 3.25 mm
Knit Picks Gloss Fingering
4.04 skeins = 888.8 yards (812.7 meters), 202 grams
Knit Picks

Finished size: 21 x 72 inches (53 x 183 cm)


Charts 3 and 4 both have the stitch-repeat boundaries drawn in the wrong places!!! Both stitch repeats need to be shifted over half the width (so ten stitches), or the motif won’t be offset the second time through.

Per Bijou3owl’s comment on the pattern page, row 5 of chart 3 does not have the correct sequence at the end of the shifted repeat. If that makes sense. Since I already knew the repeat markers were ten stitches too far to the right on chart 3, that means that where the repeat marker now ends (ten stitches from the left end of the chart), row 5 needs to finish up with K2tog, yo, P1 to match the same sequence after the K4, K2tog, yo, P1 that row 5 starts with (outside the moved repeat marker).

Yes, it’s a mess. So the stitch repeat on row 5 of chart 3 should be

yo, SSK, yo, K4, SSK, K1, P1, K1, K2tog, K4, yo, K2tog, yo, P1

Argh! But thanks, Bijou3owl!

Pattymelon noted that in chart 7 row 1, the first knit stitch in the pattern repeat should be an SSK. That change uses all twenty stitches in the pattern repeat.

I just figured out that the extra stitch created by the KFB on row 1 of chart 7 should be used to make the SSK at the beginning of the stitch repeat on row 3 of chart 7. So the first SSK is made with the last stitch of the previous repeat and the first stitch of the current repeat. (The same thing apparently must happen on row 3 of chart 6 for the large size as well.) Argh!

On rows 1 and 2 of chart 7 (and presumably of chart 6 for the large size), there are 21 sts in the repeat, which gets decreased back to 20 on row 3. On row 5, there are 22 sts in the repeat, which gets decreased back to 20 on row 6. (The charts don’t show these variations explicitly, so use the RS purl columns to keep the pattern going correctly.)

On row 7 of chart 7 (and presumably of chart 6 for the large size), the stitch markers all need to be moved one stitch to the right to keep the proper alignment.

WIP Notes

I did the stockinette portion on size 3, then switched to size 4 for the lace.

Once I started the charts, I did reverse yarnovers between a purl and a knit/K2tog/SSK so that the loop would be as big as a standard yarnover in all other situations. I just had to remember to work them in the leading leg (the one closest to the tip of the needle) instead of the leg at the front of the needle, since wrapping them the other way changed which leg was where.

The first few rows of chart 1 required concentration, both on RS and WS, because there’s no “history” in the rows before to help you see where you are in each pattern repeat. Once there were four rows done, then it’s easy to pick out the RS purls as extra signposts in the repeats.

Definitely need to use stitch markers between repeats.

The charts are essentially the same. As you add six stitches with every pair of rows, the charts show explicitly how to handle the increases along the edges. Very quickly you have another pattern repeat on both ends.

For chart 4’s WS rows with decreases and yarnovers, I flipped the chart upside-down so I could still read it right to left, the same direction as I work. See March 9 entry below for details.

February 14, 2016

Had trouble remembering to do the WS yo the first few rows. Finally got in a rhythm.

The yarn is absolutely gorgeous and a joy to work.

Per the pattern, I’m starting with a smaller needle for the stockinette, then will increase for the lace.

February 15, 2016

About two-thirds of the way up the plain stockinette portion.

February 16, 2016

Finished the preliminary stockinette part and row one of chart one.

February 18, 2016

Finished chart 1. I stopped last night before doing the final RS row of the chart and finally spread it out. I hadn’t really done so before that point, so I was quite surprised (so was DH!) to see the motifs taking shape.

I’m working on a 60-inch circ so that when I take pics, I don’t have to switch cables. The extra length is occasionally bothersome, but I can make a loop with it and put it under the work to keep it out of the way.

February 19,2016

Working through chart 2--still haven’t finished it, but so no pic yet--I realized the edge incs are partial sections of the stitch pattern repeat. So once I got to twenty stitches, I drew a vertical line on the chart 20 sts before the printed repeat, so then I had only 3 sts before the repeat started.

I’ve been adding markers as well, again to separate the repeats.

February 20, 2016

Finished chart 2.

March 09, 2016

(I don’t know when I finished chart 3--didn’t realize I hadn’t updated here.)

Finally got back to this after several weeks working on my charting book and my business website.

I’m in chart 4 and up to the WS rows that have more than just knits and purls. The only way I could work the chart was to turn it upside-down. That way I can continue to read it in the same direction I’m working the stitches.

Every place with what now looks like a “y” is worked as P2tog (the upside-down version was worked as a RS K2tog). That also means that every place with a mirror-image “y” is worked as an SSP (the same places as the RS SSKs). The SSP is fairly easy to work, since I’m working at a fairly loose lace gauge. If it were at all tight and the SSPs were giving me trouble, I would slip both stitches purlwise to the right needle, turn the work, make an SSK, turn the work back, and continue on.

10:00 pm update

I’m about to start a new ball, so I spread it out to see how it was coming along. And I realized it doesn’t look like the pattern pics. Why? Because the second go of the motif is NOT offset by half. I found a ten-month-old post about figuring out that chart 3 does not show the offset, that the pattern repeat is drawn in the wrong place! Argh! Double argh!! Bobzillion argh!!!!!!!

Can’t wait to frog--and cake--all that yarn. Bobzillion raised to the Bobzillion power argh!

March 11, 2016

So I recharted the entire pattern in a single chart with my font, then made several copies of the pattern rows in adjacent table columns to see how the repeats interact. As near as I can tell, charts 3 and 4 both have the pattern repeat off by half the width of the repeat.

I ripped back through both charts’ worth of WIP, but I mismarked where to stop ripping so I went a bit too far. I picked back up the stitches of row 21 of chart 2, then worked row 22. As the charting book is going pretty well too, I hope to get the knitting done by the end of the month!

March 22, 2016

Finally restarted after a longish hiatus working on my charting book.

Just realized row five on chart three is not symmetric, and I was pretty sure I had read somewhere--where, oh where?--about that. Finally found it in a comment on the pattern page.

Added the correct stitch repeat at the very top here.

10:00 pm
Finished thru chart three (for the second time)--the motif is now offset nicely, and since I’ve decided to do the small size, that means I get to jump up the completion percentage. :-)

March 25, 2016

Finished chart 4 last night, and getting ready to start chart 7!

March 26, 2016

Finished knitting! The BO was something I could not figure out at all. It made no sense to me, and I’ve been sweating it the whole time.

Once I was done with the charts, I ran some 1/16-inch ribbon through the last repeat as a lifeline in case I really screwed up the crocheting. And I had to rip it out about five times. Here’s what it really was:

To work a sc through the two selvedge stitches, I just pulled the yarn through. Then, since the final row of the last chart (for either size) has you alternate what winds up being knit-yo-knit-yo-knit-yo all the way across, the BO goes

* ch 1, sc in next yo, ch 1, sc in next knit st, ch 3, sc in same knit st, repeat from * across.

That’s it. Maybe the way it’s worded in Russian assumes some kind of technique that doesn’t translate very well into English. If the above isn’t exactly right, well, it looks close enough to me! wink

Oh, and that crochet BO took a LOT of yarn. If you’re running low, you’ll want to do a different BO. I wish I had weighed the ball before and after.


Did the first blocking late this evening. I did not pin out every picot, just the ones at the points (which let me see some, er, “pattern personalizations” in a couple places). Next time I wash it, I may pin out every picot (or, more likely, weave some fishing line through them all, then pin the line taut instead of pinning each one individually).

I did not block the neck edge at all. It just wound up where it wound up after I pinned the points.

Well, I’m going to get to reblock a lot sooner than I expected. I left it on the floor after taking the pics while I updated details here, so Pi decided he ought to urp on it. Argh! Took several tries to rinse it all off, so after lunch with family, it’s going back in the sink!!!

March 27, 2016

After wearing it to church, I decided I didn’t like the long pointy ends hanging down so far. Since I had to get the cat urp out, I decided to block the motifs more vertically. I also kept the picot edge a bit straighter until the fabric just curved too much not to. I also pulled the neck edge down pretty hard, which I hadn’t even pinned on the first blocking. Very cool to be able to change the shape a bit.

The corners still hang down quite a bit, but not as much as the first time.

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February 14 2016
March 27 2016
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