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Triple Braid

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June 2013
July 2014
Project info
Triple Braid
Triple Braided Diamonds Turtleneck by Ann McCauley
Needles & yarn
1,811 yards = 13.52 skeins
Quince & Co. Lark
13.52 skeins = 1811.7 yards (1656.2 meters), 676 grams

Changes to Pattern

I changed it from set-in sleeves to raglan and made the crew neck narrow and deep instead of wide and shallow. I also eliminated the bottom borders and started the main patterns immediately.

Photo Descriptions

Prepping to weave the underarm: The sleeve (upper needle) was reverse stockinette, while the body (lower needle) was the body.

The safety pins are how I figured out where to do some K2togs while weaving (yep, I’m insane) so that I’d have the same number of stitches on both sides.

I only wore it for the first time yesterday, even though I completed it in June 2014 (don’t know why I didn’t wear it last winter…).

I am totally thrilled with the fit!

Since I consider Aran patterns separated with reverse stockinette to basically be ribbing with very fancy knit stitches, I eliminated the designed bottom border and simply ran the patterns all the way to the bottom edge and cuffs.

I did change where the main patterns started. I started both the diamond motif and the central triple braid halfway up the designed row repeat, since both of them had their row ones running right through the middle of all the crossings, which wouldn’t have looked good at the bottom edge.

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June 2013
July 2014
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by Quince & Co.
100% Wool
134 yards / 50 grams
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  • Project created: October 28, 2015
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