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Wedding Dreams
In Dreams Mystery Shawl by Susan Pandorf
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Little Knits Magnifisilk
3225 yards in stash
Little Knits

waiting on the 5000+ beads, 0.5 mm steel crochet hook, and 2 more skeins of magnifisilk to arrive, just in case the knitting goes fubar? I’ve nicknamed this shawl “the Beast”. With this being my first shawl and first use of beads, not to mention silk, it’s probably accurate.

Using Addi turbo lace needles, love the slight stickiness of the brass

Little Knits Magnifisilk feels just divine, but is teeny tiny and approaches cobweb. IMO the slipperiness and small size of the yarn makes the project a bit fiddly. The shawl will be rather airy even using size 4 needles. Magnifisilk reminds me of size 20 crochet thread, and would make an delicious substitute. Will work as far as I can in chart 2 until the beads and hook arrive.

12/27 rows 1-6 chart 2 so far so good. The slipperiness makes me work slower than usual, but with the patterning on both sides, this is a good thing.

12/28 worked to row 9 and realized I goofed the ptbl on every row. Frogged and restarted. Completed rows 1-15, beading starts on row 16. Hurry up beads!

1/6 beads arrived late this morning. Rows 16 -22 completed. Beading drove me bonkers. Maybe a slightly larger steel hook will help?

1/7 row 23, ordered .75 mm hook.
1/8 rows 24-28

1/13 to row 34

Frogged, restarting without beads.

chart 2 complete, 1/30.
Chart 3 complete 3/7
Chart 4 started 3/19

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December 27 2013
work in progress
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by Little Knits
Lace / 2 ply
100% Silk
1075 yards / 100 grams
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