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Into the brown
March 24 2010
May 16 2010
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Into the brown
Framhurst Afghan by Shiri Mor
Hooks & yarn
4.0 mm (G)
3.5 mm (E)
2,725 yards = 25 skeins
Bendigo Woollen Mills Melody
16 skeins = 1744.0 yards (1594.7 meters), 800 grams
Bendigo Woollen Mills in Bendigo, Victoria
Bendigo Woollen Mills Melody
9 skeins = 981.0 yards (897.0 meters), 450 grams
Bendigo Woollen Mills in Bendigo, Victoria

Ran into a hitch once all squares were completed and I began sewing up, going through the back loop only (I prefer the look of the seam) - the smallest squares were too large. I undid all 48 of them and recrocheted using a smaller hook size. As it came to me that I needed to do that I remembered reading of at least one or two people having had to do the same with this project. My advice - make one of each size and try piecing them together using your chosen joining method before proceeding any further! Then adjust guage/hook size accordingly if you have the same problem I did :(

Followed JulieAnny's mods (not completing last round, using brown as the outer round colour, arrangement of squares), with one of my own thrown in (see fourth photo): I didn’t like the look of the way the circle joined the squaring off round - too jagged - so did a row of single crochet (US terminology) in the brown into the back loop then worked the next round of the pattern into the back loop, completing the remaining rounds as given in the pattern (i.e. not through the back loop). I’m happy enough with how it looks, although perhaps I really did not need to add that extra sc round, and just working into the back loop at the colour change would have sufficed. I will experiment some more!

And the name - because I had the Pixies’ “Into the White” live, Festival Hall, 22 March 2010, still reverberating in my head when I began this project shortly after.

The colour reproduction in these photographs is not too bad. This yarn looks amazing, absolutely gorgeous, in natural daylight, but all the glow disappears at night and/or in artificial light - much more than with other yarn I’ve noticed.

I made 12 large squares, 24 medium and 48 small, and the layout should be clear from my photographs.

Deceptively simple, there are things about this pattern that will trip you up as a fairly new crocheter (that’s me)! I’ve observed it through comments on others’ version of this blanket, and it’s not a gauge issue. Generally, you need to put your hook through the top loops only (except where I chose not to with my mod), or the circles won’t be circles (I got this wrong initially, going all the way into the space; there is an example on the pattern comment page where someone made all the circles without realising this and they all flare and ruffle), and you need to understand where to start increasing for a corner (in the first space of a group of three dc and the second space of a group of five - especially if your technique for starting a round doesn’t match whatever the ‘norm’ is - better to understand corner construction than rely on counting according to a pattern). I did not instinctively know this.

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March 24 2010
May 16 2010
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by Bendigo Woollen Mills
55% Merino, 35% Microfiber, 10% Cashmere goat
109 yards / 50 grams

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