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Rusty Swirl Skirt
Swirl Skirt by AnneLena Mattison
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm
1,089 yards
Louisa Harding Yarns Kashmir DK
4 skeins = 464.0 yards (424.3 meters), 200 grams
Urban Yarns in Vancouver, British Columbia
August 9, 2012 Luna
1060 yards in stash
5.9 skeins = 625.4 yards (571.9 meters), 295 grams
Orange in Delta, British Columbia
June 2012

January 2014: Frogged only because i just wasn’t wearing it. I liked it, just not on me. It was nicely done, though, and I learned a lot, so I count that as a success. Time to repurpose the yarn.

Very close colour match in my CC and MC! The MC (Luna) has a slight amount of sheen, and I wanted to tone it down with something matte but still have a monochrome skirt. I think this will work.

1 ball of CC got me to the end of row 5 in wedge 4.
1 ball of MC gave me about 1.5 wedges. 2 balls of MC took me to the end of 4 wedges. Go figure!

My gauge is not the same as the pattern as I am using DK yarns. This is my first diagonal knit and I’m not sure exactly how to recalculate the pattern for my gauge. It looks like I can do more or fewer pattern reps as necessary for the waist/hip (28-row rep, though--eek) and the CO relates to the length. So I’m using a ratio of CO sts to height of swatch (not diagonal row): CO 28 sts, resulting height was 3.75”. Aiming for about 21” in height, I will CO 156 sts (a multiple of 4, which may or may not be important).

I was going to use the provisional CO straight onto the needle (I don’t like picking up the back of the loops) à la Stitch Diva. Then I found TechKnitter’s idea and preferred it: CO normally with waste yarn, knit a couple of rows, switch to the real yarn, then later snip and unravel the waste yarn, revealing evenly tensioned live sts.

3 months later: Almost done! For the waistband, I’m going to try Candace Eisner Strick’s technique and sew myself a waistband out of cotton jersey using techniques learned in Craftsy’s Sewing with Knits class.

Re: Kitchener st: The pattern says with RS facing, but I read that as right sides facing, which of course created a purl ridge where there shouldn’t be one. Instead, if I had read it as RS facing you or facing out (WS facing each other), I would have had it right the first time. Oh well—I learned that un-kitchenering is NO FUN, even when it’s only a few stitches.

Blocked nicely. Sewed a waistband out of cotton jersey; sewed it on with a simple zigzag. I think it worked!

Note after wearing the skirt once: the back of the skirt is now longer than the front, I think because it stretches when I swoosh it under my butt and sit down. I actually like the look of it longer in the back. But I might start rotating it, wearing the back in the front to even it out. I can tell the back from the seam in the waistband, but nobody else will see it.

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August 22 2012
November 19 2012
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Kashmir DK
by Louisa Harding Yarns
55% Merino, 35% Microfiber, 10% Cashmere goat
116 yards / 50 grams
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  • Project created: August 9, 2012
  • Frogged: January 6, 2014
  • Updated: February 10, 2014
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