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September 24 2011
October 3 2011
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Lacy Katy
Tuch / shawl *LazyKaty* by Birgit Freyer
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball®
23 yards in stash
0.95 skeins = 436.1 yards (398.7 meters), 95 grams
Loopy Ewe

Didn’t like the fabric that the recommended needle created, so used size 6 instead. Will add rows to compensate. Elmyra made hers larger by doing 124 rows instead of 100. That’s my plan as well.

9/25 - 100 st on needle - up from 5, and going well. The fabric edges curl, so I know I am doing this right but will be hard to photograph in progress.

9/26 - Decision time: orig pattern says 153 st., or I can add increments of 12 rows which equates to 171 or 189 st. on needle. The stripes are thinner now, about an inch before color begins to change. Colors are really quite dramatic.

9/28 - I keep worrying about this rather than knitting but finally got to row “101” and inc from 189 to 249 + 1. Then p/u 123 st down left side for total of 373 st.

Wanted to Switch to larger needle for the lace portion. but chickened out as I am afraid I will run out of yarn :( Not happy with yarn quality, which ranges from fluffy thick to scary stringy thin. Definitely a one-of-a-kind experience despite the fabulous color changes.

9/29 - Working lace is slow but rewarding. Currently have 576 st on needle with 4 rows to go. No idea if I have enough yarn. Fingers crossed.

10/1 - finished final pattern row only to discover I messed up about 400 st. earlier! I remember tinking back a bit, and I must have added an extra yo or something, because I am one stitch off and my lace is wonky so will tink back more carefully this time. Sigh. Hours later: I am ready for the scary crochet edging but too late to start tonight.

10/2 - with lots of encouragement from my friend Jeannieree and notes by bonniered, lynn893, lauriezhands, craftyjag elmyra and cherylsterling I just might get this crochet edging done! Got 40 of the 59 pattern repeats under my belt, and just 19 more to go. Using a size H-8 5.0 mm crochet hook, which is a bit bigger than my knitting needle and a bit tricky at times, but hopefully will give me some extra stretch despite my death grip on it!

10/3 - I’m done!! Best tip was on the video Cheryl Sterling made. She separated each pattern with a marker. I don’t own nearly enough so had not done so and it was really hard to remember where I was and what stitch I was making as I don’t normally crochet at all, esp. not right handed (I am a southpaw). So I used snippets of scrap yarn and just tied a knot between patterns. So much easier!

Just 5 grams of yarn left - wow. Uncertain how to measure this but it takes up about 30”x35” as it sits blocking.

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September 24 2011
October 3 2011
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by Schoppel-Wolle
75% Wool, 25% Nylon
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