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July 4 2017
July 12 2017
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Sven Scandinavian by Carol A. Anderson
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i found this pattern, Sven Scandinavian ~ a knitted friend while searching for trim to finish my Norwegian cape.

oh my goodness gracious. this booklet/pattern was published in 1983. wondering how in the world i have missed it all these years. this is the most charming pattern i own now. i love both reading and making sooo much. even surprising myself, not being too fond of making toys and fiddly little knits. but this one!

the directions are so much fun to read {you are at the half-vay point. stop for a cup of kaffee vit a little cream and a lump of sugar} everything is explained or illustrated clearly.

i am making sven in fingering weight, hoping for a smaller version, easier to travel with ;) also, i think he will get very little stuffing, also easier to pack, and he is so cute even without it!

and…so darling… there is a girl version too!! she’s going to be next. i love them both.

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  • i used a size 2 needle for everything but sven’s hat, for that i used a size 1 needle and increased the cast on by 4 more stitches. the hat yarn is schachenmayr regia by arne & carlos, color 03655 lot 469. when it was time to make decreases the pattern didn’t fit, the repeats were too long, so i began cutting, shortening each repeat as needed (as the pattern would say, ‘now comes da fun part’) i just watched the lines/colors and cut when it seemed a good time.

  • the wool is jamieson & smith, jamiesons, uradale and brooklyn tweed loft. i LOVE loft but i don’t believe it is a good choice for this pattern. i used it anyway (sap!) for pants (love) but it doesn’t like being pulled on and would break often.

  • not having any skin colored yarn, and only wanting to knit from stash, i added a tiny bit of blush to rosy up sven’s creme colored wool complexion. (a little went a long way).

  • his beard is handspun, wool i made while on wing and a prayer farm in vermont (tammy!) part of it is fluff i picked up in the sheep pasture and the other is roving from tammy. one is a bit wiry and the other a bit fuzzy, and it all has little ‘stuffs’ in it. ;)

  • i gave him very little stuffing (wool roving), so he will be able to sit, and also to travel a little lighter.

  • sven measures 13” long. and approx. 4” across or 8” from arm to outstretched arm. his hat is 12” and 4” across the bottom. (i just lay flat and measured.)

  • he still may need a few more things, eyebrows, hair, a walking stick (for his adventures!) … (a knapsack is almost done) :)

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July 4 2017
July 12 2017
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