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Granny McArnwine
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October 17 2010
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Granny McArnwine
Basic Granny Square by Sandra Petit
Hooks & yarn
6.0 mm (J)
Various and Mysterious Acrylic Yarns

4/5/13 Finally picked this up again! With MAJOR inspiration from Imjkblkbrn’s Granny Mcphee blanket and some inspiration from around the web, I finnnnnaly have decided on an official direction for this quilt. It should be bombtastic. Because I haven’t seen an official pattern for something like this anywhere, I’ll probably write up a tutorial for it on the blog…keep an eye out.

5/12 Going to take this is a different direction.
I’m going to turn this into a Granny Mcphee type granny blanket. I was stalking my friends…I mean….I was looking at what my friends were up to and saw Imjkblkbrn’s Granny Mcphee blanket and LOVED it. It then made me think of other blanket’s that I’ve seen made in the same manner and I got INSPIRED to go the same direction. So YEAH!

I did the math and drew what I wanted out on graph paper and I have more than enough squares started to work with (and more than enough yarn). I’m going to turn 24 of the 3-round squares into 5-rounders and 6 of the 3-round squares into 10-rounders. Then all of them will get granny trimmed in some shade of light to medium blue and then be brought allllltogether with a dark blue yarn.

It won’t use as much yarn as I originally planned to use for this project BUT the leftover leftovers will get turned into a scrap babette afghan - something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but got stuck on about what yarn to use.

Me likes where this is going now! Makes me excited about this project again.

11/1 31 granny squares down! Ohhhh yeah!

10/19 Finally started making a granny square blanket for myself! The main connecting color will be the Windsor Blue RHSS. The other yarns are a mix of Vanna’s Choice, RHSS, TLC, Impeccable, etc from previous projects and other various (some are a mystery) yarns from my mom and Charlotte. Thank yous to Lauren also for the donation of some RHSS!

Not sure if this is going to be a big bedspread sized blanket or nap on the couch blanket. We’ll see. I will venture to say that I’m aiming for bedspread size. Goodness knows I have enough random acrylic yarn to make a couple nice size afghans.

Thanks to julie1962 (Crochet Granny Squares Flower Blanket) and serafinapekkla (Remnants Afghan) for their inspiration!!!!

BTW….this is my 90th project on Ravelry! Woohoo!!!

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In progress
October 17 2010
work in progress
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