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Lunna Voe
December 23 2015
February 6 2016
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Lunna Voe
Lunna Voe by Ysolda Teague
One size
Needles & yarn
US 2 - 2.75 mm
Old Maiden Aunt Shetland 2ply
0.9 skeins = 720.0 yards (658.4 meters), 90 grams

Yarn usage:

5 gr used in swatching

Yarn weight total: 98 gr (after swatching)
After lace edging: 72 gr remaining
Center after row 5: 66 gr remaining
After 1st rep of Bird’s eye chart: 59 gr remaining
After 2nd Dep of Bird’s eye chart: 53 gr remaining
After 3rd rep of Bird’s eye chart: 46 gr remaining
After 14 garter ridges: 30 gr remaining
After 22 garter ridges: 21 gr remaining

after ripping out and reknitting
After 14 garter ridges: 31 gr remaining
After 22 garter ridges: 25 gr remaining
After 32 garter ridges: 18 gr remaining
After completion: 6 gr remaining

12/23/2105- I’m a very loose knitter, so I swatched with Size 3 needles - didn’t seem tight enough, have done another in Size 2, will go with that.

12/29/2015 - started the shawl today - after all my questions on the chart, I found that I can knit it pretty easily - glad for the additional notes on the key which keep me in line when I want to go wonky.

Oops, I started with the Size 3 needles after all that swatching. Gonna have to rip out and start again tonight!

1/10/2016 - finished the lace edging, whew!

1/20/2016 - one more row to finish the Bird’s Eye lace pattern!

1/26/2016 - got 22 ridges done knitting very loosely, and did a calculation that I would run out of yarn - had 48 percent of the yarn remaining, but over 50 percent of the knitting left. So, I put in a small circular needle at the beginning of the garter section, ripped out the garter section, and will be knitting that more tightly.

1/30/2016 - finished the knitting - now have a couple of dropped stitched to secure, but I ended up having 11 gr of yarn left, counting the swatches I made.

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December 23 2015
February 6 2016
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by Old Maiden Aunt
100% Shetland
801 yards / 100 grams

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  • Project created: December 19, 2015
  • Finished: February 6, 2016
  • Updated: May 30, 2016
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