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Vernal Equinox
February 18 2011
October 7 2011
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Vernal Equinox
Vernal Equinox Shawl Surprise by Lankakomero
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Knit Picks Shimmer Hand Dyed Lace
880 yards in stash
1.76 skeins = 774.4 yards (708.1 meters), 88 grams
Knit Picks
December 26, 2010

NOTE: The pictures of my mom wearing the shawl in front of the Christmas tree were taken Christmas 2013, two years after I gave her the shawl. She’s worn it to keep warm around the house, to the symphony, to church, and elsewhere, and she doesn’t fold it--just keeps it tossed in a loose clump when it’s not being worn. That goes to show how well this yarn holds its blocking!

10/25/11 - Pins arrived earlier than expected… it’s all blocked! Well… blocking, anyway. Should be dry within a day or so. Despite my mistakes in the last row or two, they’re not visible, and this is still one of my best projects to date. Blocking this thing wasn’t all that fun, but it’s totally worth it. I had a little trouble getting the wires along the straight edge for some reason; I don’t know if that’s the yarn’s fault or the pattern’s. I also used one center wire and two more on angles to divide the shawl into quarters. The picture with the TV… that’s a 26” (diagonal, of course) widescreen TV, sitting on a 32” wide table. I guess that makes this thing about 50” wide along the center? I didn’t actually measure it before giving it to my mom.

10/22/11 - T-pins ordered from (about $12 for 600 of them). Will block as soon as they arrive.

10/7/11 - YAAAAAAY!!!!! Crochet bind-off done in about 5 hours! I actually faked it and knit the crochet bind-off… the “single crochet 2 or 3 sts” was changed to “knit 2 or 3 sts together, then pass the previous stitch on the right needle over the new stitch,” and “chain 5” was switched to “yo, pass previous stitch over” five times. Very easy. Now all I have to do is find 500-some t-pins to block this sucker… anybody know of a good source to get them in bulk???

10/6/11 - Finally decided this thing had spent enough time in Time Out and brought it out of its corner. I fixed most of the mistakes in the last patterned (purled) row… it’s not perfect, but it’ll pass. Lifeline is back in again, and it will NOT be coming out again until blocking time. Gawd, I want this thing to be done.

7/7/11 - Ugh. I got through this WHOLE thing without one single lifeline. Upon suggestion of one smart gal, I put a lifeline in before attempting my first-ever crochet bind-off. Then what do I do? I decide that taking the lifeline out would be a good idea because it felt like it was getting in the way more than anything else. Umm, OOPS. So, now I get to either tink or rip back about, oh, 10 FREAKING ROWS to pick up and/or fix all the stitches that got dropped when I was attempting to correct my crochet errors. I definitely hate life right about now. :-P Don’t expect this to be done for a while now… (mumbling something about how this would be done if I’d just left the stupid lifeline in there to begin with…)

7/1/11 - Cranked out all of clue 6b… now who’s the sucker who gets to teach me to crochet??? :-D

6/30/11 - Thanks to an Austin Powers marathon (yeah, yeah, I know), I finished clue 6a. All that’s left is the 10 rows in clue 6b and then my very first-ever crochet bind-off! Ack! Oh, yeah, I also need to figure out who the lucky victim will be who will teach me the basics of crochet. I pity da foo!

6/29/11 - Row… 202… every row… takes… 30 minutes… want… to shoot… myself… in… the head. I have probably about 10 more hours of work to go. Somebody, PLEASE inject me with some willpower, energy, and concentration!!

6/27/11 - Have I ever mentioned that I have a horrible case of KADD (Knitting ADD)? Well, I do. I finally picked this thing back up and did a patterned row and a resting row… took about an hour and a half. :-P It’s because of that and that alone I’m fairly certain I’ll never do this pattern again, even in the round as a few people on here have (and it’s GORGEOUS). Besides, this thing already takes up most of the space on my 40” needle, and I don’t want to use anything larger than that. I’m just THAT obstinate.

6/5/11 - Finally finished the baby blanket that was demanding my knitting attention, so I was able to get back to this and finish clue 5. Two rows into clue 6a, and I hate that I have to do 23 repeats per row… really slows things down. Ugh.

3/16/11 - I’m on vacation this week, so I’ve been working on this off and on. Finally finished all of clue 4 (the chart of death on this thing, I’m convinced, because it goes on forever). On row 176, I finally had to start using my second skein of yarn.

3/6/11 - Happy 30th to me! Finished second repeat of clue 4. Two more to go, then it’s on to the final 3 clues that take forever…

3/3/11 - Finished first repeat of clue 4. I love how classic movies help me concentrate on my knitting… it took me about 2.5 to 3 hours for me to do the chart once, albeit going slowly.

2/28/11 - Finished clue 3! Yay! Didn’t knit at all yesterday because of a busy schedule. I probably won’t get too much done on this project this week because of other things I’ll be doing including other projects that need to be finished… but then, I’m completely lacking in the self control department, so let’s face it, this will probably be picked up at some point. :)

Adding those 120 stitches at the end of clue 3, by the way? SUCKAGE. They came out fine and everything… it just massively increases the amount of purling, which I already hate as it is.

2/26/11 - Finished row 92 in clue 3.

2/25/11 - Finished row 80 of clue 3.

2/24/11 - Came back to project. Finished Clue 2 and got through row 64 on clue 3. By the way, I’ve replaced all the s-k1-psso stitches with an ssk. It’s a more fluid movement for me, and I feel it gives a much more finished look in the end.

2/20/11 - Finished Clue 1.

2/18/11 - Got through row 20 of the first chart/clue before being distracted by a freaking FIRE at the nursing home across the street at half past midnight. :-P Knitting was put away, and I went outside to offer what prayer and help I could. (All 11 residents and 2 employees got out safely, and the fire--which drew about 25 fire, medical, and police vehicles to our small neighborhood--was out within about 90 minutes.)

Cast on with a size 5 needle; body of the shawl will be on 6s. (The pattern suggests that you cast on and knit the first few rows with a needle .25 to .5 mm smaller than you will be using for the rest of your shawl.)

Clue 1: 2 % of the total project
Clue 2: 5 %
Clue 3: 15.5 %
Clue 4: 32 %
Clue 5: 13.5 %
Clue 6: 32 %

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February 18 2011
October 7 2011
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