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July 9 2017
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Wonder Woman Wrap
Wonder Woman Wrap (knit) by Carissa Browning
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Louet Gems Fingering Weight
4.78 skeins = 884.3 yards ( meters), 239 grams
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So, I was never really one for superheros - they weren’t part of my childhood culture, and I’d never paid much attention to them.

Then I had a son.

When he was 2, my son saw a clip of Wonder Woman - you know, dark hair, large chest and thighs, being powerful and fighting…and said “Dat’s MAMA!”

For the next two years, I was “Wondew Woman” - he woke me up every morning with “Dood mowning, Wondew Woman, I wuv you.”

How could I not love Wonder Woman after that? So yes, we opened our home to superheros, and my now 13.5 year old son and I went to see the movie together when it came out this year.

The moment I spotted this wrap, I knew I had to knit it. My LYS didn’t have the right colours in stock, but she did have white yarn and dye :D

I used Gaywool Tomato and Daisy, dyed the yarn, and cast on.

I will say: German Short Rows, not W&T.
I generally knit from charts, and find it hard to concentrate on written patterns, but once I figured out the setup for the bottom triangle, it made sense.

Tip: Put a marker on either side of the center spine, instead of just one side :)


I’m working on the left side stripe, and I’ve just completely frogged that wedge.

My purl gauge is noticeably different against a field of knit garter!

So I transferred the rest of the shawl to a spare needle, and I’m starting the stripe from the inside of the shawl, removing the marker and wrapping the first stitch.

As long as I wind up with 4 ridges of red, and 12 of yellow, it shouldn’t matter which side it’s started from…and I’d rather hide ends in the middle of the shawl than have one wonky wedge :P

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In progress
July 9 2017
work in progress
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by Louet
100% Merino
185 yards / 50 grams
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