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June 16 2012
June 26 2012
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for baby Gray...again ♥
Autumn Leaves by Nikki Van De Car
6-9 month
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool

very easy and sweet ~ what a fun pattern!

gift #3 for baby Gray ~ she’ll be here this autumn

using leftover yarn from this project ~ it’s pale pale green, almost oatmeal with a slight tinge of green

project hints:

  • I rarely use my clover bamboo needles anymore but I get them out every time I use silky wool ~ they’re perfect for this yarn!

  • if you are going to use the chart…BEWARE! the seed stitch border section on the left side of the chart goes awry the 1st row after the thick black horizontal line (the second ‘row 1 (ws)’ row) so you’ll end up with a goofy row in your seed stitch pattern…I used the written instructions instead

  • I beaded just the tip of each leaf (worked the double decrease stitch on Row24 and then added a bead with the crochet hook method on top of finished stitch before working next stitch) ~ the wooden beads are recycled from an old bracelet that broke ~ they’re light brown wood with a slight pale pink wash ~ I used 12 beads total

  • for the ‘M1’ increases after you work the charted rows…I did ‘M1L, slip marker, k2, slip marker, M1R’ when I got to each set of side increases

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June 16 2012
June 26 2012
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by Elsebeth Lavold
45% Wool, 35% Silk, 20% Nylon
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