Purl Diva

Local yarn shop (LYS)
Summer St
Brunswick, Maine 04011
United States


Sorry - this shop is no longer in business

Wheelchair access no
Seating available no
Reserved parking no
Free wireless no

*Please note that Purl Diva closed its doors on 11/22. Our announcement can be seen in THIS BLOG POST .*

What are people saying about Purl Diva Yarn Shop?

“For those who haven’t yet been up to Purl Diva, I sincerely urge you to make the trip. I was there yesterday to sign books and am still in a bit of a daze. This place is seriously like walking into a candy jar. There’s so much color - intense, bright, warm, puckery vitamin C color - everywhere you look. Textures. Gadgets. Swatches. Samples. EVERYWHERE. Not just any yarns or books or tools, but the really lovely stuff - in all the weights and colors you could need. And just when you’ve regained your composure and think you’ve figured out the lay of the land, you peek over someone’s shoulder and discover a little shelf, or a little corner of a shelf, in which she’s managed to tuck yet another surprise. It was very hard to maintain a professional demeanor because all I wanted to do was roll around in yarn and bring it ALL HOME WITH ME.
(Disclosure: Although Ellen did give me a bag of cookies for the drive home, this is not a paid endorsement. I just feel morally compelled to spread the word, since I know you’ll be happy you went there.)”
(Taken from THIS THREAD and reprinted with permission from Clara Parkes, publisher of Knitter’s Review and author of The Knitter’s Book of Yarn and The Knitter’s Book of Wool)

“I grew up in Maine, moved to CA, and now return for frequent visits. I’m almost as excited to see Ellen and her wonderful shop as I am to visit family, these days! Of course she has a wonderful selection of versatile and fabulous yarn, and probably the greatest sock yarn collection in the state. But honestly it’s Ellen’s wealth of knowledge and her sunny way of sharing it that keep me coming back again and again. If you’re anywhere near the area (or even if you’re not--she does great mail order!) you should absolutely stop in.” (Amy)

“I live within easy driving distance of no fewer than eight yarn stores, yet I find myself going almost exclusively to Purl Diva. The sock yarn selection can’t be beat, there’s an interesting array of yarn (many not available elsewhere in the area), a terrific pattern section, a cute dog, and a superfriendly owner who’s always excited to talk about knitting. I highly recommend a stop, you won’t leave empty handed!” (Marlena)

“Maine is a wonderful state for fiber arts. And Brunswick, in particular, has wonderful local resources. Purl Diva is a standout. The store is lovely and has an excellent selection of yarn. You will find good value yarns as well as precious skeins to indulge yourself. Ellen, the founder and owner of Purl Diva, has an impressive knowledge base and a good eye. The store has an easy-to-browse layout with a sense of whimsy. Be sure to check it out!” (Melissa)

“I drove past this shop on a recent trip to visit my grandmother & stopped in on a whim. The person working there was friendly, attentive, & allowed me to look up how much I had stashed of a particular yarn on Ravelry when I found a pattern I wanted! Even though there was a woman there working with the owner on a knitting problem, I was greeted immediately, & made to feel extremely comfortable. At no time did I feel like I was interrupting a private session. Many kudos for that!” (Heather)

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