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over 5 years ago

I just received my tote in the mail and I LOVE it. It is big and roomy enough for a large knitting project. I don’t think I can limit it to just knitting projects. It will definitely be my “go to” bag!

over 5 years ago

Good quality, simple design, and very BIG! LOVE it! I can see using this for my crochet blanket projects or multiple small projects or books or … :D

over 5 years ago

I love this bag! It’s big and roomy but yet lightweight. I will be able to carry several projects at one time. I love the snap closure, the embroidered logo and the color is great because it won’t show any scuffs or accidental dirt marks. I highly recommend this bag! :-)

over 5 years ago

good quality sturdy bag that will take many projects lots of places! Lightweight but durable, and big enough to carry it all. Really love it!

over 5 years ago

After seeing the pictures,I expected to like this bag but it truly exceeded my expectations. I’m absolutely crazy about it and so glad I bought it. It’s a good-looking neutral color with nice detailing and a few pockets to keep track of smaller items.

My Hourglass Throw (almost halfway done) was starting to outgrow the bag in which I kept it so when the Ravelry tote arrived, I transferred the project to it. There’s ample room for the throw, extra yarn, pattern, my notions bag and there’s still space for more.

over 5 years ago

Great Bag, the posted pictures on the site are right on. Good quality, strong and attractive bag. Thanks Ravelry!

over 5 years ago

I bought this bad because for 1 I LOVE bags! However, this bag is stylish and top quality! Reinforced snap closure, made from great sturdy and comfortable material, awesome grey tone which matches anything, small zippered pocket inside to hold little items that may get lost, outside pocket to drop keys or phone in if I didn’t bring my purse! Wonderful large size bag so I can bring knitting books, multiple projects and even slip my yarn bowl and laptop inside (in my protective case) I am no longer juggling multiple project bags… they all fit inside so I can knit a washcloth in the morning, a scarf at night and also bring the extras I want to start! Thanks for an awesome bag!

over 5 years ago

i really really love this bag. i use it for toting around my weekend gear when i go away. might have to use it as a project bag if i ever make an afghan, cuz it’s big enough.

get it, it’s worth it!

over 5 years ago

this is an awesome bag… tote.
it went from oregon to southern mexico and back stuffed FULL.
incredible sturdiness with mellow style.
and wonderfully, as others have mentioned; it is very large.
highly recommended by lil ol’ me! thanks rav!

over 5 years ago

LOVE this bag. Love the color. Love the size. Love the little pocket inside. Love the embroidered logo on the outside pocket (wish it had a snap though). Glad I treated myself to an early Christmas present! :-)

over 5 years ago

LOVE this bag! I’m a total tote bag fanatic and this is seriously the best one I have by far. Huge, and super quality - I can get several WIPs in this thing and not have to look all over for where I stuck that sock I was working on.

Did I mention I LOVE this bag?? :-)

over 5 years ago

I got this bag as a Christmas gift, because I was always complaining about carrying everything around in plastic grocery bags. To say I love it is an understatement. It’s everything I thought it would be--stylish, lightweight, sturdy, and the straps are THE perfect length. I can easily throw it over my shoulder while wearing my bulky winter coat, and when I carry it in my hand it doesn’t come anywhere near the ground.

I love, love, love this bag!!!!

over 5 years ago

One of the best totes I’ve ever owned. I use it every day and it can handle everything. I highly recommend this well made bag!

over 5 years ago

This is an excellent tote for the reasons that are already listed: it’s a great gray (my favorite neutral), it’s huge, it’s got a nice shape, the two small pockets are handy for items that may otherwise get lost in its depths, and so on.

However, I want to give a small warning. I bought my bag last fall, and loved it so much I’ve been carrying it almost every day, and it’s not holding up as well as I’d hoped. It’s beginning to look a little shabby in the following places: some of the stitches from the embroidered logo have popped loose; the front pocket is coming detached at the top left corner and the seam is fraying; and a tiny hole is forming on the bottom. I would not say I’ve used the bag very roughly, apart from using it frequently - but perhaps the wear and tear is only to be expected from a $26 bag.

And since it is relatively inexpensive, and I love its qualities so much, I may just go ahead and buy another one when this one becomes too worn to continue to use.

over 5 years ago

I love my tote :) Perfect for almost everything from knittingprojects to gym-clothes and weekend-sleep-over, and with a great grey color!

over 5 years ago

I wanted a bag that was robust enough to take my needles and hooks and big enough for my yarn.

What a wonderful surprise. It’s tough and big and has a zipped security pocket inside and a secure popper to fasten the top.

It is so well made, a great cost and even though I’m in the UK the postage wasn’t too much. Oh, and it came really quickly.

Thank you Ravelry. No I’m really prt of the community.

over 5 years ago

I got my Ravelry tote a few months ago and really love it. As a bag lady (like probably most of the rest of the folks here on Ravelry), I know a good bag when I see it. This one is very very well made, holds a lot of project (currently using it for an afghan), and I love displaying the Ravelry logo as I go through airports, etc. It is a great magnet/conversation starter. Perfect!

over 4 years ago

Love this bag! It’s so study and huge!

over 4 years ago
over 4 years ago

I love this tote bag so very much! It arrived a few days ago. It is more than just a bag to carry my knitting stuff. At the same time, I can include my wallet, keys, note pad, pen, lip stick, brush, cell phone, IPad etc., with room to spare. This will be the first time, I will be carrying just one bag on my shoulder.

I can also use it when I shop for groceries, eliminating those awful plastic bags.

I have to ditto what other reviewers have said: it’s so well made, canvas is excellent quality, perfect stitching etc.


over 4 years ago

I really, really like this bag! It has ample storage and is very well made! A great bag to keep my projects in!

over 4 years ago

I’ve had my bag for several month now and I still love it! As everyone else says it is very roomy so I have no excuse to leave something behind because I couldn’t fit it in my bag. It also keeps my knitting off the floor which makes my hubby happy. It’s big enough to store my pattern book and all the yarn and spare needles. I keep my measuring tape in the front pocket for quick access.

over 4 years ago

This sturdy and big canvas bag is gorgeous!! I love it and have rooms for all my supplies for workshops.

over 4 years ago

Seriously Cool Tote

I was really surprised at how big and how well made the tote is. You can see from the pictures that it’s nice but Its ohhh so amazing in hand. I placed a few essentials yarn, hooks, scissors, books, kindle, charger, etc in and was just so surprised at how much more room there was. I guess I’ll have to go buy more yarn to fill it up YAY!

over 3 years ago

I absolutely love this bag and am glad I ordered it :-) Great size with tons of room for several skeins of yarn or for holding large projects when you’re on the go. The material seems strong as well; I am sure it will last pretty long and can’t wait to begin my next project just so I can carry the bag LOL

over 3 years ago

I just started to use my bag which I bought last year. I is so useful I carry all my projects in it . I just love it, waiting for new stock to buy another one.

over 2 years ago

I’ve had my tote for three years now. It’s still in perfect condition and it’s my favourite handbag. This is really good buy.

over 2 years ago

I received my tote a while ago. I love it, love it, love it. It is BIG and SPACIOUS. I’m a bag lady, so I carry lots of bags sometimes. But with this Ravelry Tote Bag, there will be no requirement for me to have lots and lots of bags to carry. I have a wallet, but no purse. I feel that if you have a tote to carry, you can easily slip your wallet and keys in the tote with your crocheting supplies. Crocheting is becoming more and more close to my heart, so I wouldn’t be surprised that if one day, all I have in ONE tote is all crocheting supplies and nothing else. It won’t be hard to fill because I am going to start to make rag rugs. I think that will be something that I can easily do. And the material for rag rugs is A LOT, so, that will fill a Ravelry Tote very easily. I love this site and I love all the Crocheting sites on here and Facebook, too. I will probably end up buying some more of theses lovely Ravelry Totes again sometime in the future. I LOVE TOTES!!!

over 2 years ago

I would love to see an Apron for Spinning etc. made out of the same material and colour, with the same Logo. Just an idea?

over 2 years ago

I want one. :(