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over 9 years ago

I have purchased these along with the crochet tags and I love them. I have used them in several gifts and the recipients thought they were great! I plan on using clear inkjet labels to a little more professional look. Tonight I ammaking my second purchase!

over 9 years ago

I love the tags, but they are grammatically incorrect. It would be “Where are my stitches”? Not Where my stitches at? You don’t end a question with a preposition.

over 9 years ago

Are these paper tags or cloths tags that can be sewn onto the project? I can’t tell.

over 9 years ago

I’m planning to purchase these as soon as they’re available again! A friend of mine bought some and they’re fantastic!

Also, in response to crazyknitter35 -- I think it’s purposely written as Where My Stitches at?…it’s a take on another saying I believe.

over 9 years ago

As I started to check the box to notify me I realized like “crazyknitter35’ that the ‘Where my stitches at?’ is wrong. I thought I had a choice but the package contains both so there is no way I want to give that tag to someone. I do not understand how it got by a proofreader.

over 9 years ago

Great designs. Perhaps consider selling them separately so people can buy a set of the one they prefer.

over 9 years ago

I only like one style and would love to have the option of purchasing a set of those only instead of the mixed set.

over 9 years ago

Do people really think ‘where my stitches at?’ was done unintentionally?! It’s an intentional joke and I LOVE IT.

over 9 years ago

Knit Tags

I would prefer buying one design that I prefer of the set and not both.

Perhaps consider selling them separately so people can buy a set of the one they prefer.

Should that be possible then I would consider purchasing my favorite design only.

over 9 years ago

Any possibility of purchasing a digital file? I can print my own on cardstock but I can’t mail gifts in time if these come back in stock Dec 12 and are then mailed to me.

over 9 years ago

The phrase “Where my stitches at” is not supposed to be grammatically correct, it’s a play on words and is ment to be fun. Lighten up people!

over 9 years ago

I too would buy a pack if we could choose only the ‘notions’ design. All of my gift knitting is for non-knitting friends and family, so the ‘where my stitches at?’ logo would mean nothing to them!

over 9 years ago

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the “Where my stitches at?” tag is AWESOME, and am giggling/shocked/flabbergasted that people actually think this phrase “got by a proofreader” unintentionally!!! I can’t wait to purchase some after they are restocked, and would love it if they were sold separately because I would prefer to purchase ONLY the “Where my stitches at?” version. Or, an even better option would be what tdmdld requested - selling a digital file and letting us print them ourselves.

over 9 years ago

Has no one noticed that “Where my stitches at? (TM)” has been on the front page of Ravelry, right up at the top, for ages? It’s intentional. Goodness.

And these tags are great! I love them. They’re really pretty, and adding the care instructions is a really good idea. I always worry about what will happen to the handmade items I spend so much time slaving over before Christmas. Hopefully having a tag to reference will help keep them beautiful for a long time.

over 9 years ago

I suggest you make these downloadable pdfs for people to print(and personalize)! I’d buy them!

over 9 years ago

I love how these look, but I agree with other comments: I’d like to purchase just my favorite, and I’d really love to get it in PDF form so I can print my own. Why use that extra little bit of jet fuel and packaging getting them to me halfway across the world just so I can mail them back with my finished work?

Putting them on cloth tags to sew onto items is a great idea, too! I thought that was the idea when I first read the description, before I recognized the shape as one that US culture connects with old-fashioned paper gift/price tags

In regards to the “Where my stitches at?” - that may be a US phrase that people from other English-speaking countries are not familiar with, or even people from other demographic groups within the US, and certainly speakers of English as a second (or third, or fourth…) language. I’ve tried to explain McDonalds’ ungrammatical “I’m lovin’ it” to someone once and couldn’t really manage to explain it - it’s just slang, take it as it is (though the philologist in me won’t complain if you point out how ungrammatical it is while you’re at it) ;)

over 9 years ago

The remark is intentional… It is a play on another phrase: Where my B****** at?

over 9 years ago

I’m glad I’m not the only bugged by “Where my stitches at?” I also realize it’s intentional and supposed to be a joke, but oh well! It’s a visual “nails down the blackboard” for me, so I avoid it as much as possible. LOVE the tags, just not that one!

I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of selling them separately and/or as a digital file for those of us who are “grammatically oversensitive” ;-) (I also can’t stand the swear word choice on the profile and also realize I’m in the minority!)

over 9 years ago

the gift tags are cute but you never end a sentence with a preposition. No need for an “at”. lulutfm

over 9 years ago

I think these are sweet! As an American, I immediately recognized “Where my stitches at?” as a play on words based on “Where my btches at?“ The usage error that would actually keep me from buying these is the use of “especially” instead of “specially.” Here’s an explanation:

A knitting-specific example: I especially like working with colorful yarn when I make gifts specially for loved ones. :)

over 9 years ago

Actual usage blurs grammar rules over time. Style is never a hard and fast matter. “Where…at” is a very common casual humorous usage in American English. And especially for…is entirely correct in a sentence that means “created for THIS particular person and no other”.

over 9 years ago

I love these so much! Not only are they super-cute, but they have instructions on how to care for the item as well as a place for size and fabric content. So nifty! I’d love to see these in some other designs as well…maybe the “Happy Animals” or “I Heart Rav”? In any case, I think I might need to get more in the near future.

over 9 years ago

Hi, If you are handy with your computer and printer you can make your own using blank Avery gift tags available at Staples. Go to the Avery website and they have templetes that you can use to design your own tags. I did this for Christmas presents. You can have them all pre-printed with your name and even insert pictures and clipart! Save some $ and make them custom at home!


over 9 years ago

Wow, it’s a joke people…J.C. Relax.

over 9 years ago

the bad grammar is an issue, but not the only issue for me; I would also never use or buy tags that say “where my stitches at?” because insider jokes are only appropriate when used with other insiders, and I think most people I would gift a knitted piece to would be puzzled by it. Remember, Ravelry has members all over the world.

I have a feeling there are many Ravelers who feel the same way, so why not repackage them so people can buy only the other cute tag? Ravelry would probably sell many more gift tags.

over 9 years ago

It would be nice if they were sold seperately. I really don’t care for the ‘where my stitches at’ tags and would never use them… But I LOVE the other design and it stinks that I can only get 3 of each vs. 6 of one.

over 8 years ago

I love both tags, but I knit a lot of gifts for teachers. The tags are practical because of the care instructions. I can’t give preschool teacher the “stitches” one for obvious reasons. ;). I second the choice to buy just one tag or at least the template to print.

over 8 years ago

Lol that’s funny it’s not grammatically incorrect it’s a joke like“where my bitc*** at :P get it? Get it?

over 8 years ago

Play on words or not, I don’t care for the phrase, “Where my stitches at?” Nor do I like that design. I, too, wish I could purchase just the other design, or even better a digital file that can be customized. Just adding my two-cents because I can! Otherwise, Ravelry Rocks!

over 8 years ago

just a review on the tags, not the phrases…
The tags are beautiful. I do agree that it would be nice to be able to buy one or the other on the designs.

over 8 years ago

Love them!

happy valentines!

over 8 years ago

Get a life! They’re gift tags!