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over 2 years ago

I LOVE my sheep pouch! And I’m allergic to wool! LOL Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the qualities of wool or the beautiful variety of breeds of sheep.

But even better is this adorable pouch!

It’s so thick and sturdy, and cute, that my husband asked if he could have it. I may have to buy another one because he comments on it every time I pull it out. And it sits in my see-through knitting bag next to the bed so he sees it constantly. I’m expecting it to disappear any day now.

I hope you’ll consider more designs for this well-made pouch. It’s a nice stiff canvas, so my scissors can’t poke through. And it’s so roomy that I was able to move over some tools from my overstuffed knitting needle case, with room to spare.

Thanks for always choosing quality products for our Rav gear!

over 2 years ago

I received this pouch last year for Christmas and I have loved it from the start. The design is perfect for me because I am a spinner and I’m interested in the different kinds of wool. The pouch is sturdy, useful, well priced and yet, cute as a button…how can you go wrong with that?

over 2 years ago

An adorable small project bag! I’m so glad I ordered it. As other reviewers said, it’s made of sturdy canvas and should last a long time.

over 2 years ago

I just received my pouch. LOVE IT!!!

22 months ago

I love my sheep pouch! It’s perfect for my sock projects I like to carry to work with me.

22 months ago

This is a super well-made bag! The zipper slides effortlessly and the canvas is very nice. Love the cute sheep design too. It holds three 50g skeins with room for a WIP. I can see myself using this as a sock bag for sure. Couldn’t be happier with it!


love the little sheepie (sock project) bag. just got it this week. it’s now in my work desk draw with a project. do you plan to make a slightly larger one? (need one for my interchangeable set of needles) plus a project.

16 months ago

Love it :-) thank you!

11 months ago

Please come back sheep pouches! pray::skin-tone-2

11 months ago

Adorable and perfect - so pleased I managed to get hold of one before Christmas. Just right for small projects and as a “yarn bowl” when knitting. Love, love, love it :)