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over 10 years ago

i love this shirt! really cute and lovely cranberry color not too red, not too burgundy. it’s american apparel so you can always expect it 1) to be super soft and comfy 2) to have a nice, flattering fit and 3) to have been made here in the good ol’ States (as opposed to a sweat shop in a third world country. boo.)

anyhoo, i’m 5’7 and a hundred and errrr, my weight’s not important, is it? with a bust size of 38. i ordered the small and it fits me like a dream. nice and fitted but comfy. not horribly baggy like your usual men’s shirt. but what i love about this shirt the most is that it actually covers my gut! i have a longer than average torso and find that most women’s tops are WAY too short on me. so all you gals with long torsos, american apparel t-shirt in their “unisex” size is the way to go. woo!

over 10 years ago

I love the color and softness!

I would normally order a medium in the American Apparel girly cut. for this shirt I got the small and plan to make a couple seams in the sides of the shirt to give it some shaping and cut the sleeves shorter.

over 10 years ago

Sandra is right that this fit is great for those of us with longer torsos. And I’m also a huge fan of AA t-shirts for exactly the reasons she mentioned.

The print quality looks really good, and the sentiment just makes me laugh - even if it makes the uninitiated just look confused.

Great shirt! Love (1000)

over 10 years ago

I love the color of this shirt, but the print on mine was off-center AND angled, higher on the right side than the left. Other than that I love it!

over 10 years ago

Consider hand-washing the first time(s) you wash this. We discovered that it bleeds, and you’d hate to end up pinkifying something you loved.

over 10 years ago

Washing the shirt in cold water with dark/bright colors seems to be fine, just fyi in case anyone’s scared that their entire wardrobe will instantly turn pink if they order this shirt!

I love the long torso, because I’m 5’9 and really don’t have the kind of tummy that I should be baring! I’ve got a 44.5” bust, and the fit on a unisex XL gives about 1.5” of ease (even after a trip through the dryer), making it a flattering shirt - not skin tight, but not baggy.

I wish I could show how soft this shirt is though…AA shirts are made from the softest cotton I’ve ever felt! The fabric is also a bit thicker than standard t-shirt jersey, making it a much nicer shirt than most.

over 9 years ago

Any chance we can get the unisex agree(1) or disagree(1) t-shirts in colours other than cranberry? I’d really like one of each in black.

over 9 years ago

Hee! I just got mine today and I must say I feel as cool as Casey!

I have a 2XL to help counteract the inevitable shrinkage that always happens with my laundry. It’s a rich cranberry red and has a nice, soft smooth feel. I am 4’11’ with a 40C bra size and am self-conscious if is tee is too tight, but this is perfect.


love (1000)

~Come see me on Plurk!

over 9 years ago

Mr. Freak loves his disagree t-shirt. He says it’s the softest one he owns (and here we have irony (1)) and is eyeballing the agree t-shirt.

over 9 years ago

My disagree(1) t is a hit at the office!

15 months ago

This shirt is so fitting for today’s politics!

let me know when you get more 2XL in stock

12 months ago

Lemme know if you get more in stock please! :)