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My In-Store Sales customer didn’t get their pattern.

We are sorry you had trouble with an In-Store Sales purchase!

  • If the pattern was sent to the wrong email address or Ravelry username, please go through the purchase process again (with the correct information) first, so that the proper customer gets their pattern as quickly as possible. After you’ve done this, please write to Mary-Heather through this form with the information about the duplicate purchases and the invoice number of the pattern that went to the wrong person. She’ll remove the duplicate sale from your invoice after it is issued on the first business day of next month.

  • If you sent the pattern to the right email address or Ravelry username, and the customer does not have it for some reason, please go ahead and write Mary-Heather through the form below with all the purchase details (customer’s username, invoice number, pattern name, and any other information you think would be helpful) and she will be happy to assist you!

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