Spinning project
The First Draft SW Merino
Blood Moon
stashdash2015, sampler, superwash, sw, handspun
singles = Z plied = S
Tools used
Rue - Ladybug
Finished yarn
4 ounces, 540 yards: 1 skein
1 project

Wanted red & black for my Ladybug. Seemed appropriate.

282 x 69” = 19458” = 540.5 yards

WOW!! Best yardage ever for 4 oz & a three ply!!

Though at 15 WPI, I feel like I am getting the yardage wrong…

Split fiber in equal thirds.
Section 1 - Let in one piece. Drafted a bit thinner
Section 2 - split in 4
Section 3 - split in 10

5/16/15 -
Spun the third divided into 10. Nice spinning.

Pretty smooth spinning. Nice fiber.

Let the singles sit for a bit while trying to ply something else. I really thought it would take a day or two to ply the other. But a week later, I was finally able to work on it.

Probably good it had some rest time. Overall, it behaved well with the rest. Though some spots were underplied so I had to pay attention to reattach the ply.

Started plying Friday night, 6/5. Finished before dinner on Saturday, 6/6. So after the ply that never ends, it was soooo good to have it go so quickly!

2 of the 3 bobbins were done nearly at the same time. But the one with the long piece that was spun last had a good chunk left on the bobbin. Navajo plied that piece. Might use for something like the cuff of the socks. Might not. Not sure yet.

I am really thinking a very simple sock for these. I think I managed to get fingering. fingers crossed

6/8/2015 -
Soaked, thwacked & snapped. Still has a 1/2 twist to the skein. sigh Counterclockwise twist. Which I would think indicates too much twist in the plying…which is odd. Really didn’t seem to be the case. Will see how that works out when it is dry.

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