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Zig-zag Stripe III
December 29 2011
January 4 2012
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Zig-zag Stripe III
La Parisenne Beret by Caroline Hegwer
Kattori on ravelry
Larger than pattern
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Sock, unknown yarn
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Elite Needlework in Wenatchee, Washington
Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball® Crazy
1 skein = 459.0 yards (419.7 meters), 100 grams
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Elite Needlework in Wenatchee, Washington
December 2011

I added another increase after 5 stripes to make it wider so it has more beret shape for our larger (22”)heads. I made another stitch in the middle, 2 stitches after and before the knit 1 make 1 parts so I had 6 stitches on either side of the V.

Another change I tried was to just knit three together at the slip two knitwise, pass 2 over that made the V. That ends up looking about the same, just in the opposite direction. It was easy to do on my square, very pointed needles, but harder with my bamboo ones that have rounder tips.

If you look at the photos, the regular sized blue one I tried first, which was blocked, was just a bit smaller than this one was straight off the needles (9 1/4” wide). After blocking around a dinner plate, this one was 10 1/4” wide and gave me more of the traditional beret shape I was after.

I knit a few extra rounds at the widest part before starting the decrease. This hat measured 5 3/4” at the 20th stripe. I think that is when I began the decreases, but it may have been when I was back to the number of decreases correct for the pattern.

This striped sock yarn made nice transitions between the colors. The down side was that the solid green in it was nearly identical to the forest green solid I was using so there is a wide green area around the band.

I tied the two different colors of yarn together temporarily and use the striped yarn on my thumb when I cast it on. The solid was on my finger. It made a contrasting edge. I also used my size 6 needles for the cast on which made a nice stretchy edge. I did the two knit, two purl ribbing this time and that works so much better--much more stretchy than the one knit, one purl rib I used accidently on the blue version.

I sewed the ends in carefully because I like the hat inside out almost as well as right side out. If my niece does, too, she can wear it both ways.

The photo with my hand and the rest of the yarn show how much is left over. I need to make socks or something with the rest. I could make them to match. Maybe toe-up, 2 at once, up so I go until the yarn runs out? It’s either that or do them top-down and plan to add some at the toes and heels if I run out. Could do the kind where the heels are added at the end, just in case…

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December 29 2011
January 4 2012
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75% Wool, 25% Nylon
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