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Birthday Sweater
January 24 2017
July 7 2017
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Birthday Sweater
Set-in Sleeve Sweater - Adult Pullover by Ann Budd
Gift for Richard
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
US 8 - 5.0 mm
madelinetosh Tosh Vintage
7.25 skeins = 1450.0 yards (1325.9 meters), 725 grams
Fabulousyarn in Tivoli, New York

I am using Ann Budd’s calculations as guideline, making my own calculations with measurements taken from a sweater which was secretly borrowed. At times I was not sure if I was knitting or sewing, because I made templates (for example of the sleeve cap) using the borrowed sweater and then made sure the knitted piece matched :)
It was a great peace of mind to have Ann Budd’s calculations when I was unsure. In the end hers and mine pretty much matched up. Perhaps I made things more difficult for myself than I had to; trying to re-invent the wheel so to speak.

I want this sweater to have clear and simple lines; a classic style. For the hem I choose a hemmed edge from page 36 of Ann’s book. An interesting way of joining the facing. Instead of doing a provisional CO and then a three-needle-join, you pick up the loops from the cast on edge when ready to join. In some way an easier way, but you have to keep close attention.
2/1 : Finished the back. The armhole seemed too big at 10” from underarm. I matched it to the sweater on hand to 9”. I also kept all stitches life; doing short rows rather than bind offs to do a 3-needle bind off or Kitchener stitch across the shoulders later.
2/5. Starting on the front :)
3/1 Front and back are done and joined across the shoulders with a 3-needle- bind-off ( with a needle one size bigger; US# 9).
3/13 Picked this up again today and I am glad that I gave myself ample of time to finish. I decided that the crew neck is too tight and will undo the crew neck, the shoulder joins and rip back both the front and back for a deeper neckline.
I started to bind off for the back neck on the same row as the first shoulder shaping. For the shoulders I worked again short rows and kept life stitches. Back: BO 10 center sts, then BO 9 and 9.
Front: 18 rows before first shoulder sts BO center 6 sts, then using the sloping bind off BO 4, 3 and 2 sts on both sides. Last not least on the following RS rows k to 4 sts, k2tog, k2… k2, ssk, k to end.
I re-knitted the neckband one more time, because there was some messiness in the picked up stitches. Oh, how I am fretting over this sweater, wanting it to be perfect….
4/15: started on the sleeves, yeah. I am making the sleeves less bulky, using a combination of two sizes and doing my own math.
6/7: After another month + break while working on some other projects, I finished the sleeves today and with that all of the knitting! Yeah!!! Now on to blocking and seaming :)
7/7: I cannot believe the blocking and seaming took me another month!!! But it is all done now and I am very pleased. Now another month till his birthday :)

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January 24 2017
July 7 2017
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